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Wallpapers and Murals

wallpapers and murals

Wall Murals & Wallpaper – Easy To Apply, 100% Removable, Many Styles AND Customisable

Wallpaper murals for walls are now available in our self adhesive, matte fabric.  They give a very high end look, similar to traditional wallpaper, but without the 20 year commitment!

Removable wallpaper and murals suit a new Nursery, kids room, living space and even commercial spaces.  Lots of people are creating a feature wall by covering one wall.  They are a beautiful backdrop to other furnishings in the room, or can be the hero design piece.

You can choose a wallpaper pattern. Choose a traditional wallpaper design in this season’s colours, or choose a more contemporary design with a simple colour combination.

Then we have wallpaper murals that have no repeat, like textures or images. These are numbered on the back and the panels are laid next to on another to create the image of Paris or New York, a giant map, a texture like White Brick or White Wood, or a Photo Collage.  Imagine all your favourite photos all over your wall!

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can create your ultimate wallpaper mural – get an instant quote here.

Purchase With Confidence!

Unlike many wall decor products available now, our murals and removable wallpaper Australia made, are fabric and not a vinyl.  It won’t tear, stretch, fade, damage your wall or leave any residue on removal.

They are printed with water based inks and have a beautiful, matte, fabric finish with the self adhesive on the back that doesn’t harden over time. The 65cm wide panels are hung next to each other and the edges butt together for a seamless finish. They can even be stored and moved to another wall.

How do you apply removable wallpaper and wall murals?

Our wallpaper and wall murals can be put up by anyone because they are fabric and not a vinyl.  It sticks gently to your wall with an adhesive that is more like a gum. You can reposition the wall mural panels again and again until they are in the right position.

We supply our removable wallpaper and murals in panels that are numbered. The instructions explain how to hang each panel next to one another on the wall. Once in position you smooth the wallpaper to the wall with your hand, and any air is pushed out so there is no issue with trapped air bubbles. And the panels butt-join together for a seamless finish.

You don't need any water or glue - just the time, a step ladder and a sharp Stanley knife.

How do you remove removable wallpaper & wall murals?

Removing wallpaper and murals is so easy with our fabric product. When it's time to update a room or move home, removing our wall murals and wallpaper takes seconds!  You simply peel back a corner and then pull the entire panel off.  Our product won't damage the wall or leave any residue on removal.

If you want to move the wallpaper to another wall you'll need to hang on to the backing paper and the tube it was shipped in.  You pull the wall mural panel off the wall and then place it on the backing paper while vertical.

Can I get custom wallpaper or a custom wall mural?

Yes!  Because we print to order in Melbourne, we can make any of our wall mural images fit your wall, or create the mural you want.  Get an instant quote for your wall size by entering your wall height and width into our Custom Wall Mural product. Then find a beautiful image or designs from Adobe Stock (complementary) or other stock sites here.

We will enlarge it and make sure the resolution is good enough. We'll send you a proof via email of the image or design set up to your wall size.  We will get your approval before we print your custom wall mural.

How much does a wallpaper or a wall mural cost?

We charge $70 per metre square on top of a $50 set up fee. Get an instant price for your wall by entering your wall width and height into our Custom Wall Mural product. If you don't have an image, this price includes your choice of image from Adobe Stock. You can also get free images that are large enough to enlarge on sites like Unsplash and Pexels.

Our wall murals and wallpapers can be installed by anyone but should you want installation, we can organise this for you. Get a cost for installation by entering your wall size into our Installation product.

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