Are wall stickers removable?

Yes but the questions is, will the wall decals damage your wall on removal?

Look for fabric wall decals and avoid vinyl products which need stroinger adhesives to hold them onto the wall.

Our wall stickers are "Landlord friendly" meaning they can be peeled off without causing any damage or leaving any residue. The adhesive is more like a gum which does not harden over time. We guarantee our products will not give you any nasty surprises.

Our removable wall decals have a beautiful fabric finish. They can be adhered to flat or bumpy walls, and even glass. We print using water-based inks and are safe for your home. Look for Australian made products with a low fire rating.

How to buy the best wall stickers?

Before you purchase wall stickers, avoid nasty surprises by looking for these features:

  1. Only consider fabric wall stickers with a guarantee they won't damage your wall. They should be able to be moved to another wall many times, and stored in between. They should suit all wall internal types and all paint types.
  2. Avoid wall stickers with a white edge that look cheap, the colour should go right to the edge of the design. And when considering removable wallpaper, the joins should not be overlapped but "butt" together for a seamless look.
  3. Choose wall decals that are printed with water-based inks to minimise the VOC emissions and maximise the air quality in your home. They should have a low fire rating.
  4. Wall stickers should be free of PVC’s, BPA’s, lead, pthalates, glyco-ethers, formaldehydes.
  5. Please support Australian made products. Look for the green and gold symbol.

What is a wall decal sticker?

Often called “wall stickers”, “wall decals” or even "wall tattoos", a wall sticker is a sticker made for internal walls, and are used to decorate walls in homes. They are a great way to create an instant Nursery and persaonlise a children's bedrooms because they can be updated as the child grows and their interests change.

Look for wall stickers from reputable businesses who guarantee that they won't damage your walls. Vinyl wall stickers use stronger adhesives which can harden over time and remove paint.  Fabric wall stickers stick with a gum that is stable, and removes without causing damage or leaving any residue.

How do you remove wall stickers without damaging the wall?

High quality wall stickers should simply peel off by lifting an edge and removing it.  If the wall decals are made of fabric, then the adhesive is more like a gum that will not harden over time, so they will remove without causing any damage to your painted walls. Furthermore our wall stickers will not leave any residue once removed.

We recommend only purchasing fabric wall stickers.  If you have purchased cheaper, vinyl stickers often paint will come off with them when they are removed. From our experience, damage can be minimised by heating sections of vinyl wall stickers with a hairdryer then slowly peeling them off.