World Maps

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World Maps Wallpaper And Wall Stickers – Easy To Apply, 100% Removable, Many Styles AND Customisable

World Map Wallpaper is a great wall feature idea, and also very educational!  It can teach children where they are in the world, or where Grandma lives! And for adults who are geographically challenged, you’ll be surprised how quickly you learn!

You can mark the map with photos or places you want to travel to, or have been.

We have fun maps for Nurseries, one with animals that belong to each continent to make learning more joyful. We have other maps which suit children’s rooms, that are colourful and have more detail. And then for teens and adults, we have World Maps that have more geographical information.

And a wall feature using removable wallpaper is a really good way to bring interest to his room.  Our removable world map wallpaper is made from a self adhesive matte fabric with a beautiful, high-end look.  But the wallpaper can be applied by anyone: hanging the numbered panels next to each other on your wall.  All you need is a Stanley knife to trim the bottom and one side.  Our world maps come in a range of standard wall heights but we can custom size them to your wall.

We have a range of removable wall stickers too that can be placed anywhere in a room – above a bed or desk.  They can be moved around if the room is rearranged. These wall stickers are cut right to the edge so there’s no white border. And for intricate designs, we supply with a layer over the top to make application quick and perfect.

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