Custom Wall Stickers & Wallpaper

Custom Wall Stickers & Wallpaper

Creating a custom designed wall sticker or wallpaper is pretty simple at The Wall Sticker Company.  We have a team dedicated here to help you!  Whether you want a custom decal, business logo, custom wallpaper, or your own mural, we can design, print and supply whatever you need, no matter how small or large your project.

We make sure that your design will look great, and we’ll always send you a proof before we print anything so you’re in control.

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Custom Wall Decals / Wall Stickers

We can print any image you have or design you want to suit your space. Provide your own image or design, or we will find one for you.

Decals or wall stickers, are any cut out shape. They can have a background or not, and can be intricate by design (but are not text).

Our wall stickers are printed on removable fabric with a peel-and-stick installation. They suit all internal wall types and some other surfaces, and will remove without damaging your walls.

For a instant price merge all the designs into one set of dimensions; width and height, and enter this into the products linked above.

Custom Cut Out Text

Create high impact with cut out text as wall stickers! Whether a mission statement, your favourite saying, or special words, we can supply any font in any size.

The text will be supplied cut out so it appears as writing on the wall! A top layer picks up and places text on the wall for quick and perfect alignment on your wall.  

The decals will remove without damaging your walls.

To get a quote choose the sheet size that your text will squeeze onto – but don’t worry, you’ll be able to arrange the wording on the wall as you like.

Custom Wall Mural Or Wallpaper

Murals and wallpaper cover an entire wall. They can be an image, illustration or a pattern. Send us your image or design or we will find or make one for you!

We will send you a proof to approve and then make it to fill your wall or available space. We will supply removable wallpaper in numbered panels that you place on the wall next to each other with a simple peel and stick application.

The product suits all internal wall types and some other surfaces, and will remove without damaging your walls.

For a instant price enter the width and height into the product linked above.

Custom Business Logo

Turn your business logo into a removable wall sticker! Place it above your reception desk or to welcome your clientel.

Decals or wall stickers, are any cut out shape. Print onto a background to make moving it easy. Or opt to cut the background away so it appears to be printed onto the wall.

Our wall stickers are printed on removable fabric with a peel-and-stick installation. They suit all internal wall types and some other surfaces, and will remove without damaging your walls.

For a instant price, enter the width and height into the business logo product. Or contact us to work out the size.

Custom Door Wraps & Wardrobe Wraps

We can offer decals that cover doors and even glass or mirror wardrobe doors.  We call the Door Wraps! 

Choose an image from Adobe Stock, or choose anything from our range and we’ll hide that door with something stunning!  Our Door Wraps are being used widely in Residential Aged care to hide doors that are for staff only.  

We will send you a proof to approve and then supply it to fill the door panels. They can be installed easily with a simple peel and stick application.

For a instant price enter the width and height into the product linked above.

Custom Photo Collage

Collect together your favourite family, holiday or lifetime’s photos and have them arranged as you like to fill a whole wall!

Upload as many photos as you like and upload them easily. We will set them up to fill your wall space and send you a proof via email.  Remove any, move any and make it look beautiful!

Once you’re happy we will print it and supply it in self-installed, removable wallpaper panels. 

The fabric wallpaper is peel-and-stick installation. They suit all internal wall types and some other surfaces, and will remove without damaging your walls.

Quick Facts About Our Custom Wall Stickers & Wallpaper

We offer a manufacturing service for other brands and designers. We can offer lots of help in creating your range, rebrand the products to your requirements, drop ship directly to your customers, and even hold stock for you. Find out more about our Manufacturing Service here, and if you are a Designer or have your own designs, see our artwork specifications here.

Image Sites To Find Your Ultimate Wall Mural Or Wall Sticker

Are you looking for an image or artwork to make into a custom removable wall mural? We've collated the sites we use and recommend below. Here are some considerations as you search for your ideal image:
  • Enter various search terms until you get good results. Once you find one you like, you can often click on it and the see similar designs.
  • You can filter some of these sites based on your requirements.
  • For a custom mural, filter by portrait or landscape to match the shape of your wall.
  • Choose the largest image size (usually in inches or pixels), or in "v" for vector format.
  • Check if the image is large enough to scale up to your wall size using this tool. Enter your wall dimensions into the first column and you can set the DPI to as low as 40 dpi.  See if the pixels of the image are close to or ideally more than the pixels needed once you hit "Calculate". Contact Us if you need any help.
  • Some images will cost and some are free.

Illustrations, Patterns and Images


Museums Works:



You can completely customise any aspect of your wallpaper with The Wall Sticker Company! Because we print to order it's easy to change our wallpaper to suit your space; the colour, the scale, size, or even the design. Find your favourite design and then order an A4 wallpaper sample to place on your wall. Having trouble choosing colours? We can send you a Colour Chart to see how the colours look in your room. You can even create your very own wallpaper pattern using our Custom Design service. We have wallpapers for flat walls and bumpy walls, for standard wall heights or we can customise the size to suit unusual wall shapes.
The delivery time for custom orders depends on a few factors. Custom designs are where you are creating your own design, we are not referring to our designs where you simply choose your own colours. So for a custom order, if you have the image or design for your custom text, wall sticker, wallpaper or wall mural, we just need a day or two to set it up for print and send you a proof.  Once you approve the proof, we need up to 6 business days to print it and ship it. However, if you need us to find an image or create the artwork for your custom order, we will need a few days to do this before we send you your first proof. The other factor is how many changes we need to make to your proof. We usually get it right on the first proof but if you need changes this will take extra days - usually an extra day.  The more changes we need to make, the more days we need. Shipping time also needs to be taken into consideration and added on to the total time.
Dropbox is a pretty cool tool that we use to transfer large files. If you need to send us a file for your custom design, simply go to Dropbox here, find your image on your computer and select it. We will receive notification that you have sent it.
We can create various one-off designs like a custom wall decal (cut out shapes), business logos, cut out text (your favourite quote for example), or custom wall murals and wallpaper. They are all supplied on the same, high quality fabric ensuring a high-end look and Landlord approved friendliness! If you know the dimensions of what you want (this is easy for wall murals but can be tricky for text), you can get an instant quote by choosing what type of product you want: a custom wall decal (cut out shape or text), a custom wall mural, or a custom removable wallpaper. Once you've place your order, we set up your design and send a first proof within 2 days - we need your sign-off on your design before we print it. This design process occurs via email, and we will make as many adjustments as you need until you are happy. Once you sign off, we need 6 business days to print and prepare it for postage, plus shipping time.  Sometimes we can do this quicker, and sometimes we have delays because printing something for the first time is not always easy.
Removing the top layer
leaving the pieces on the wall!
custom wall decal
The top layer picks up the pieces
Your product will sent rolled up in a tube with instructions included. If your design is intricate, it will come with a layer over the top to make placement quick and perfect. See here. Custom wallpapers and murals will be supplied in 65cm wide panels by your wall height, and numbered on the back to make installation achievable by one person with minimal confusion. Contact Us if you need help with  your custom order. For an instant quote, click on custom wall decal (cut out shape or text), custom wall mural, or custom removable wallpaper.
Yes we can create a custom logo, wall stickers or wallpaper!  We can turn any design, logo or idea into a removable wall sticker or wallpaper. For an instant price enter your dimensions for a custom decal, custom text, or a custom wallpaper or mural.  Enter any supporting information and upload any images, and we'll be in contact with your first proof.  We will not print until we have your sign off. The product is easy to apply with a special layer over the top that makes placement perfect and quick.  They are easily removed and won’t damage the wall or leave any residue.
The top layer pick ups our decals
The top layer picks up the pieces
One of the most frustrating things: you find an image you love to create your dream removable wall mural.  But then The Wall Sticker Company says you can't use that image unless you have the copyright to reproduce this! We found this amazing guide from that explains it all.  Start from the left and work through to the right hand side. For any further questions, please contact us! Copyright questions for custom products

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