Nursery Wall Stickers – Easy To Apply, 100% Removable, Many Styles AND Customisable

Nursery Wall stickers and wallpapers are a great way to create a loving space for your new baby!  Whether you want a create a themed Nursery, or you just want some personalised touches, we have lots of possibilities.

Our Nursery wall decal stickers and wallpapers are safe to use. Our products are free of PVC’s, BPA’s, lead, pthalates, glyco-ethers, formaldehydes. We print using water-based inks for indoor air quality certification. The products are biodegradable and has a low fire rating.

Our fabric, wall sticker decals for nursery won’t damage your wall or leave any residue on removal. They can even be stored and moved to another wall over and over. They have a beautiful, fabric look with the self adhesive on the back.  And our designs are cut right to the edge so there’s no white border. For intricate designs, we cut out the negative space and put a layer over the top to make application quick and perfect.

Check out our range of baby wall stickers for nursery. See your baby’s name with one of our personalised designs, like the Letters and the Monogram. We have lots of trees, and animals are very popular.  Flower wall decal stickers are joyous and colourful. We have lots of shapes that you can arrange on a wall, like the Mini Rainbows, Triangles, and these Spots. Create a dinosaur or travel theme using maps mural or wall stickers, or something pretty with our Glitter Rainbow, Peonies wall stickers or Woodland Friends.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can create your own custom wall sticker or wallpaper through our Custom Design Service.

  • Baby Animal Collection IF2

    5 Baby Animal Wall Decals

    This 5 Baby Animal Wall Decals Collection will melt your heart!  The 5 adorable animals, with their twinkly eyes, are floating up into the clouds and towards the moon.  They…

  • Animal Letters in AbbottAnimal Letters

    Animal Letters

    These Animal Letters have been designed by Jasmine Illustrations and feature a letter with a hand drawn animal (see list below).  Choose from the various Pack choices, then choose the…

  • Australian animal picnic featuring a kookaburra, tasmanian devil and koalaAnimal Letters by Jasmine Illustrations

    Animal Picnic

    The Australian Animal Picnic wall stickers has been designed by Jasmine Illustrations and features a kookaburra, tasmanian devil and koala.  With a watercoloured finish, this is a beautiful feature wall…

  • Animals World Map decalAnimals World Map

    Animals World Map Decal & Mural

    A beautiful feature for a nursery or child’s bedroom or play area.  Featuring lots of animals from their respective continent. Choose the size to fill your space.  The artwork is…

  • Beautiful blue unicorn name set

    Beautiful Blue Unicorn Name Set

    This beautiful blue unicorn name set, in stunning watercolours, is the perfect illustrative addition to children’s rooms. Place above the bedhead or cot for a sweet and magical sleeping space!…

  • Real-life removable Bending Giraffe wall sticker, place so the giraffe is bent to watch over a sleeping baby in a crib.Real-life removable giraffe wall sticker in Hemley nursery room

    Bending Giraffe

    This beautiful real-life giraffe will keep watch over your baby. A beautiful feature for a nursery, play area or child’s room. Australian made and landlord friendly.

    Our wall stickers are shipped…

  • Carousel Height Chart wall stickerCarousel Height Chart wall sticker

    Carousel Height Chart

    The Carousel Height Chart is a beautiful design hand-painted by Nicolee’s Art.  It features pretty horses, balloons and bunting.  The removable decal is easy to install and measures up to…

  • Cheekee MonkeeJane Reiseger Monkey removable wall stickers behind the bed and side table

    Cheekee Monkee

    A beautiful hand drawn wall sticker design by Australian illustrator Jane Reiseger. Choose your own colour to complement a nursery or child’s bedroom.

    Our wall stickers…

  • darling-deer-name-set

    Darling Deer Name Set

    The Darling Deer Name Set is a sweet and calming addition to your loved one’s nursery wall. This charming pair of deer is beautifully illustrated and comes with a beautiful…

  • Enchanted Tree removable wall stickers by Cocoon Couture with little girl playing guitar in frontEnchanted Tree removable wall stickers by Cocoon Couture with little boy wearing shade in front

    Enchanted Tree

    Designed by Cocoon Couture, this beautiful Enchanted Tree is divine, and will create a magical nursery or bedroom. Choose which size and colour way you like.

    Our wall stickers are shipped…

  • flower lettersThe Letter 'A' is written in capital letters in strong gold colour.

    Flower Letters

    These Flower Letter wall stickers feature personalised lettering and gorgeous blooms. Decorate above a cot, bed, changetable or desk using the gold coloured lettering. Pack 1, 2 and 3 have…

  • Muted Pink Rainbow with Glitter Stars Example roomrainbow wall stickers

    Glitter Rainbow wall decal

    The Glitter Rainbow will add some sparkly magic to a Nursery or child’s bedroom. Arrange the the large rainbow wall decals featuring a water coloured rainbow and clouds 69cm x…

  • Hot Air Balloon wall stickerThe Wall Sticker Company

    Hot Air Balloons

    This gorgeous Hot Air Balloon removable wall sticker design is a beautiful wall feature for a Nursery or child’s bedroom.  The watercolour design features two floral balloons and two clouds.


  • Hot Air Balloons and AnimalsHot Air Balloons and Animals

    Hot Air Balloons and Animals

    The Hot Air Balloons and Animals set will create a beautiful, dreamy scene that will keep little faces smiling! This set is perfect for nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms and the…

  • jungle partyjungle party

    Jungle Party

    It’s Jungle Party time with these bright and happy jungle animals! Arrange the animals, text, leaves and fruit as you like! Arranged the pieces as you like in a nook,…

  • Koala Family Wall Stickers

    The Koala Family has been designed by Jasmine Illustrations and features 3 koalas on 2 tree branches.  With a watercoloured finish, this is a beautiful feature wall sticker for a…

  • Magical Baby Animal With Name

    The Magical Baby Animal features clouds and birds and a balloon, then your choice from the 6 stunning, illustrated animals. Add your child’s name for a personal touch and choose…

  • Mini RainbowsPastel Rainbow with Clouds and Glitter Stars

    Mini Rainbows

    The Mini Rainbows can be arranged on one or 4 walls to create a beautiful Nursery or child’s bedroom. 48x 16cm wide wall decals featuring a rainbow with clouds. Two…

  • Monogram Removable Wall Stickers with child name Charlotte behind a white cribPersonalised name in monogram for nursery


    The monogram is a gorgeous, personal touch to a nursery or child’s bedroom. Design your Monogram below and write in the lettering, choose the font and and colours for each,…

  • An example image showing some of our Native Animals Wall stickers on a wall above a cupboard and a chair. On this wall is five decals, each a native animal to Australia. This image includes: Ken the Koala Gail the Galah Sam the Scrubtit Paul the Platypus Karl the Kangaroo Ed the EchidnaNative Animals removable wall stickers

    Native Animals

    Australian native animals in removable wall sticker designed by Kooky Chooky that are fun and celebrate our beautiful Australian fauna. Landlord friendly. 4 packs to choose from.

    Our wall stickers are…

  • Native Animals Height Chart

    This stack of Australian native animals create this fun height chart that measures up to 130cm in height!  And this keepsake can be moved if you paint your home. Designed…

    Original price was: $82.00.Current price is: $74.00.
  • Native Birds Height ChartNative Birds Height Chart Close up 1

    Native Birds Height Chart

    This stack of Australian native birds create this Native Birds Height Chart that measures up to 130cm in height!  And this keepsake can be moved if you paint your home….

  • pastel rainbow wall decalpastel rainbow wall sticker

    Pastel Rainbow Wall Decal Name Set

    This pastel rainbow wall sticker Name Set, offered as a traditional rainbow in pink, apricot, yellow, light blue, blue, indigo and violet, is a fun and colourful addition to children’s…

  • Pastel Rainbows Set

    The Pastel Rainbows set is a colourful and fun way to add some rainbow magic to your walls. Two sizes available (small seen in image). A great feature in a…

  • Planes removable wall decals with a little boy dancing in frontPlanes removable wall decals in nursery room


    These planes wall decals are a gorgeous touch for a nursery or boys room. Choose the size and then colour your planes and clouds live using the tool below. (Don’t…

  • polka dot wall decalsPolkadots removable wall stickers behind a white crib

    Polka Dot Wall Decals

    Fun and colourful, these 70 individual Polkadots removable wall stickers are a blend of circle sizes. Place them on the wall or a door. Choose up to 6 below and…

  • Rainbow name wall sticker in TealRainbow name wall sticker in pink

    Rainbow Name Wall Stickers

    The Rainbow Name Wall Stickers are a personalised feature for above a cot or bed.  Write the name and choose the colour and rainbow colour way.

    Our wall stickers are shipped…

  • retro rocket name set blueretro rocket name set red

    Retro Rocket Name Set

    These Retro Rocket Name Sets will have little loved ones dreaming of adventure in faraway places, as well as looking beautiful on your walls. With three watercolour rockets to choose…

  • Sophie The Elephant Removable Wall Stickers in a child's roomJane Reiseger Monkey removable wall stickers on a child's room

    Sophie the Elephant

    A beautiful hand drawn decal design by Jane Reiseger, Sophie the elephant is a happy addition to a nursery or child’s bedroom. Choose your own colour….

  • spot wall decalsSpots 7.5cm

    Spot Wall Decals – 7.5cm

    This pack of removable Spots 7.5cm are a great little gift and a touch of colour for any wall. Choose the pack size, how many colours you want, and then…

  • Spots wall stickers seen in Rust, Mustard, Terracotta, Blush and Cashmere

    Spots 4cm

    This pack of 58 removable Spots 4cm are a great decorating item for any room. Choose your own colours from our Colour Chart.

    Our wall stickers are…

  • Spots wall stickers on a wall in front of cane furniture

    Spots Wall Stickers 5cm

    These 48 5cm removable fabric Spots can be custom coloured using our Colour Chart, and arranged by you. A simple decorating idea for a nursery or…

  • Teddy Dreams Wall Stickers Size Large above a cotTeddy Dreams Wall Stickers Size Small above a cot

    Teddy Dreams Wall Stickers

    The Teddy Dreams Wall Stickers is a nice soothing watercolour design to lull your child to dream land.  Two sizes available (small seen in image). A great feature in a…

  • Triangles removable wall stickers Triangles in Light Grey, Dark Blue, Airbornetriangle wall stickers


    The Triangles fabric removable wall stickers can be custom coloured and arranged to create any design idea you can think of. Each triangle is 9cm high by 6.4cm wide. Choose…

  • Watercolour butterflies in Blue from Jasmine illustrations, in an example scene with a pot plant, some feathers, some wooden blocks, a blue wooden long neck dinosaur and a stackable wooden rainbow.Watercolour butterflies in orange from Jasmine illustrations

    Watercolour Butterflies

    The Watercolour Butterflies has been designed by Jasmine Illustrations.  With a watercolour finish, this is a beautiful feature wall sticker for a nursery or child’s bedroom.

    Our wall stickers are shipped…

  • Watercolour Half Moonwatercolour half moon

    Watercolour Half Moon

    This watercolour half-moon decal will look absolutely stunning in your babies nursery or on a child’s wall, and the optional extras of a name decal and/or quote set will undoubtedly…

  • watercolour whaleswatercolour whales

    Watercolour Whales

    These Watercolour Whales removable wall stickers will swim their way around a wall creating a gorgeous feature in a child’s bedroom!  Arrange the whales, splashes and seaweed as you like.


  • Watercolour WoodlandWatercolour Woodland wall sticker

    Watercolour Woodland

    The Watercolour Woodland wall sticker design features 7 hand painted animals to be arranged on your wall as you like. Gorgeous idea for a child’s bedroom.

    Our wall stickers are shipped…

  • woodland babies namewoodland babies name

    Woodland Babies Name

    Woodland Babies Name set is a nice addition to the Woodland Babies wallpaper creating a personalised feature for above a cot or bed.  Write the name and choose the colour…

  • woodland animal wall decalswoodland wall decals

    Woodland Wall Decals

    These woodland wall decals with their nature surrounds make a beautiful scene for a child’s bedroom or Nursery.  In a water colour look and printed on removable fabric.

    Our woodland wall…

  • Elephant Family

    Elephant Family Wall Decal

    These simple silhouettes of a elephant family are a beautiful design symbolising the love of a family. A simple touch for a nursery or child’s bedroom.

    Choose your own colours for…

  • custom text wall stickersThe top layer pick ups our decals

    Custom Text Wall Stickers

    Design your favourite quote or wording, your font and colours, and we’ll supply cut out text that you can quickly and perfectly apply to your wall as you like!

    1. Choose…