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Why shop at the Wall Sticker Company! What makes these products so good?

First of all, our products are Australian made. We use what we believe is the best type of sticker material available on the market - it's not a vinyl, it's a fabric that sticks gently to your wall and won't cause any damage on removal. Our wall stickers and wallpapers are environmentally friendly.  We print using water-based inks which is the safest way to print with the least amount of VOC's.  The product is biodegrable too. We print to order in bayside Melbourne. Because of this we can offer many colour variations and also customisations, as well as a full custom service. The Wall Sticker Company has been in operation since 2006 and in that time we have developed a product and service that are excellent and quality assured.

What if I can't find the design I want?

We can make all your wall stickers, wall mural and wallpapers dreams come true! Even if you only have a vague idea and no design skills, we will help develop your idea into a reality.  And if you are a Designer, we can help you prepare your files or do this for you. To get an instant price for your custom wall decal or wallpaper, you just need to know how big you want the design to be because the price if partly based on the amount of material used. We ask that you place your order and then we create the design and send you your first proof via email within a day or two. Our lead time for custom designs is a few days for designing, plus our usual 4-6 business days lead time.

Are your removable wallpaper and wall stickers REALLY removable? What does this actually mean?

Yes, and we guarantee they will remove from your wall without leaving any residue or damaging the paintwork. So the fabric that we print on is very light and so the adhesive is also quite light, and more like a gum than a glue. This gum-like adhesive will not harden over time.  This means when it is time to move them, you can peel them off confidently without causing any damage. They can be moved over and over, and even stored - just keep the backing paper and tube. We have a 100% happiness guarantee too.  But if you're still cautious, why not get a free sample to try?  We'll pop it in the mail and you can stick it to the wall and see how gently it sticks, and how easily it removes.  

How can I choose a wall sticker or wallpaper design?

We try to give you many ways to search for the perfect removable wallpaper or mural, or find the perfect wall decals. But we know it can hbe hard! You can search by styles for wallpaper, or themes or age groups for wall stickers.  Or try entering in a search term of what you are after.  You can order A4 samples or our wallapers so you can see how it looks in your home first. Look through our Instagram and Facebook sites to get more inspiration!

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