Guest Designers

Guest Designers such as Australian illustrators, textile designers and artists are invited to create ranges of removable wall stickers and wallpapers.  The vision was to bring fresh designs and ideas to customers and support Australian design.  But working with guests also injected lots of energy and excitement into the business, so The Wall Sticker Company are looking forward to meeting and promoting more home-grown talent!

Click on the Guest Designers below to see their range, and if you have ideas for a range under your design label, please Contact Us here.

Our Designers


Mara & Nick Girling - Printspace

Printspace create beautiful, happy designs that are perfect for a nursery, or child’s bedroom.


Jane Reiseger

With her signature hand drawn animals, Jane Reiseger’s designs are perfect for creating a nursery or child’s bedroom that is simple and stunning.


Claire Cimbora from Schmooks

The Schmooks range of wall stickers and beautiful and whimsy. Rabbits with glasses, smiling clouds, they are perfect for romantic nurseries and children’s bedrooms.


Paige Russell

Canadian born Paige Russell creates gorgeous, modern designs that suit boys bedrooms, nurseries and living spaces.


Curio and Curio

Curio and Curio create bold and colourful designs that create modern space for kids rooms and homes.


Ink and Spindle

Inspired by Australian flora, the screen-printing duo’s screen printed fabrics have become wallpapers that create beautiful wall features in homes and nurseries.


Kirstin - Kids By Krauskopf

Kids By Krasukopf create removable wallpaper designs for children’s bedrooms that have longevity and work in with the rest of your home. Perfect for boys or girls bedrooms.


Kate Knapp - Twigseeds

Kate Knapp, creator of the Ruby Red Shoes books, has turned her beautiful water-coloured illustrations into wall decals that tell the story of the adventures of our favourite Hare.