Scandinavian Wallpaper – Easy To Apply, 100% Removable, Many Styles AND Customisable

These Scandinavian Wallpaper designs will bring in the Hygge into your home!  Create a chic and cosy Nordic feel with this beautiful style that suits so many homes.

A deep connection with nature, organic shapes, and natural textures perfectly depicts Scandinavian Design as well as the handpicked collection of wallpaper in this category.

Designs in this wallpaper range are stylish yet low-key, creating a warm, calming, and modern background to your setting. Because of their neutral and laid-back character, our wallpaper prints equally fit formal settings and casual spaces.

Scandinavian wallpapers feature animals and objects and therefore work especially well in Nurseries and children’s bedrooms. And due to their simple design, they can last many years as the child grows.

The Birch wallpaper designed by Ink & Spindle creates a beautiful feature wall in a living area, study nook, master bedroom or even a Nursery. And the Retro Flowers would be cool in a study nook, laundry or even an office. A woodlands theme is perfect for kids spaces, and we have two to offer!

All of our Scandi wallpaper designs can be customised to suit your home. And most of these design can be coloured using our Live Tool so you can see the colour combinations immediately. If you’re not sure, why not order a Colour Chart to see the colours in the space.

All our removable wallpapers and murals are self installable and come off without damaging the wall or leaving any residue to remove. They are perfect for renovators and renters – Landlord friendly!

  • Animal Party wallpaper seen in blues and greensAnimal Party wallpaper

    Animal Party Wallpaper

    The Animal Party wallpaper is a fun and cheerful design for a Nursery or child’s bedroom. Choose from 2 colour ways featuring different animal sets.

    Our removable, fabric wallpaper is shipped…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Arrows removable wallpaper Australia for walls with wooden stool in frontArrows removable wallpaper Australia for walls in boy's bedroom

    Arrows wallpaper

    This Arrows wallpaper is perfect for a feature wall in a nursery or child’s bedroom, and in any colour. Use our Live Colouring Tool below to work out your colour…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Birch wallpaper Australia by Ink and Spindle behind a bed and side tableBirch removable wallpaper Australia by Ink and Spindle with sofa and pot in front

    Birch wallpaper

    This stunning birch tree wallpaper by Ink and Spindle is gorgeous and will add a WOW factor in any room. Use our Live Colouring Tool below to work out your…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Chevron removable wallpaper Australia Australia in a nursery roomChevron removable wallpaper in black and white

    Chevron wallpaper

    Our removable Chevron Wallpaper design works in a nursery, child’s bedroom or living area.

    Choose your own colours using our Live Colouring Tool below.

    Our removable, fabric wallpaper is shipped from Melbourne…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Sloth wallpaper in design 3sloth wallpaper for walls in design 1

    Cute Sloth wallpaper

    The Sloth wallpaper comes in 3 very lethargic designs, perfect for a bedroom, or fun living or office space.

    Our removable, fabric wallpaper is shipped from Melbourne in 3-6 business days….

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Denim World Map on example bedroom wall.Map Maker wall decal behind a bed

    Denim World Map

    The Denim World Map mural creates a stunning and educational wall feature in any room. Enter your wall dimensions for a price. Place your order and we’ll send you a…

    $58 /m2
  • Flowers wallpaperFlowers wallpaper

    Flowers Wallpaper

    These Flowers wallpaper designs are a beautiful feature for a child’s bedroom or Nursery, or create a playful study or living area. Two designs available, Amelia and Isla.

    Our removable, fabric…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Magical Baby Animals wallpaperMagical Baby Animals wallpaper

    Magical Baby Animals Wallpaper

    The Magical Baby Animals wallpaper will create a dreamy feature wall in a Nursery or child’s bedroom.
    There are 2 designs to choose from, both featuring engaging illustrations of baby animals…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Retro Flower wall-paperRetro Flowers removable wallpaper Australia

    Retro Flower wallpaper

    This Flower wall paper was inspired by Maremeko and is cool in a kitchen, girls bedroom or living space.

    Our removable, fabric wallpaper is shipped from Melbourne in 3-6 business days….

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Spring Flower Wallpaper

    Spring Flower wallpaper

    The Spring Flower wallpaper is a gorgeous design in earthy tones.  Perfect for any room in your home and removable!

    Our removable, fabric wallpaper is shipped from Melbourne in 3-6 business…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Transport removable wallpaper Australia in a bedroom

    Transport wallpaper

    The Transport removable wallpaper design is perfect for a child’s bedroom and you can choose your own colours. Choose your own colours using our Live Colouring Tool below.

    Our removable, fabric…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • VJ Board in Pink MarbleVJ Boards wallpaper in Powdered Gum

    VJ Board Wallpaper

    The VJ Board Wallpaper gives you the look of tongue and groove for any room in your home.  Choose vertical or horizontal, choose any colour from our Colour Chart.


    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • photo collageImage of a black and white photo collage on a hallway wall

    Wall Photo Collage

    Our Photo Collage features picture wall stickers arranged into a removable wallpaper. Simple enter your wall dimensions below and get an instant price on your full wall mural photo collage.


    Enter your size for pricing
  • White Wood wallpaperWhite Wood wallpaper

    White Wood wallpaper

    This White Wood wallpaper is light, beachy and minimalist, but brings texture and interest to any wall.

    Our removable, fabric wallpaper is shipped from Melbourne in 3-6 business days. Printed using…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Woodland Babies wallpaperWoodland Babies wallpaper

    Woodland Babies Wallpaper

    The Woodland Babies wallpaper is a beautiful design for a Nursery or child’s bedroom. It is available in three designs: birds, foxes and rabbits.

    Our removable, fabric wallpaper is shipped from…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Woodland Wall Mural on a wall behind a small table

    Woodland Wall Mural

    Our removable Woodland wall mural will create an enchanting feature in a Nursery or child’s bedroom. Enter your wall dimensions for a price. Place your order and we’ll send you…

    $58 /m2
  • World Map With CountriesWorld Map With Countries

    World Map With Countries

    The World Map With Countries mural is a great map for a child’s bedroom or study, and can be customised to fit your wall. A lovely colour palette has been…

    $58 /m2
  • Jane Reseiger Zoo removable wall mural in nursery roomJane Reseiger Zoo removable wall mural in bright colours

    Zoo mural

    These beautiful hand-drawn animals by Jane Reiseger, create a beautiful scene of large-scaled zoo animals – perfect for a nursery or child’s bedroom. Choose your own colours.  Enter your…

    $58 /m2

Is removable wallpaper easy to install?

Removable wallpaper is easier than you think to install yourself. The panels come in 65cm widths to make it easy for one person to put up.  The panels can be applied over and over, and any air smooths out with your hand.

You don't need any water or glue - just time, and a sharp Stanley knife.

Our removable wallpaper is posted in a tube and comes with full instructions.

The wallpaper stays up for years and then peels off without removing paint or leaving any residue on your wall.

Will it damage my wall?

Our removable wallpaper and wall stickers won't damage your walls, assuming they are in good condition to start with.  The adhesive is more like a gum that doesn't harden over time, so 2 or 10 years later, it will simply peel off. There will be no adhesive to wipe off the wall either.

Unlike vinyl products which shrink and curl, our fabric products stick gently to the wall and don't require strong adhesive to hold them on the wall.

Try a Free Sample (search on our site) and test out our product on your wall.

Can I customise my wallpaper?

You can completely customise an aspect of your wallpaper with The Wall Sticker Company!

Because we print to order it's easy to change our wallpaper to suit your space; the colour, the scale, size, or even the design.

Find your favourite design and then order an A4 wallpaper sample to place on your wall (cost is redeemable).

Having trouble choosing colours? We can send you a Colour Chart to see how the colours look in your room.

You can even create your very own wallpaper pattern using our Custom Design service.

We have wallpapers for flat walls and bumpy walls, for standard wall heights or we can customise the size to suit unusual wall shapes.

Is your removable wallpaper safe?

Our removable wallpaper and wall decals are non-toxic, and safe products to use in your home. They contain no nasties, are low fire rated, and come with a warranty due to our stringent controls and manufacturing standards.

They contain NO PVC’s, BPA’s, lead, phthalates, Glyco-ethers or Formaldehyde.

Our products are printed using latex inks. These use water-based formulations to reduce the impact of printing on the environment and eliminate health issues typically found with solvent-based inks. Our latex inks deliver outstanding quality and remain odourless and VOC free.

It is important not to confuse the polymers used in latex inks with those found in-natural materials, such as latex rubber. While some individuals experience skin irritation from contact with natural latex compounds, the synthetic polymers used in our latex Inks are non-allergenic.

Can I order a sample?

Yes, you can order a wallpaper sample from us to see how the design will look in your home. We try to show you images of the design where possible to show you how it might look, but sometimes you just need to see it on your wall!

Once you find the wallpaper design you like, under "Wall Height' you will see the option for an "A4 Sample". Choose your colours and we'll print it and pop it in the mail for Priority Delivery (Australia only).

The cost is redeemable and you'll be emailed a voucher code to use when you place your order.

You can also order a Colour Chart so you can see all the colours in our range.

The wallpaper sample is supplied on the exact material your wallpaper will be.  So you can peel it away from the backing paper and apply it to the wall.  You will be able to see how it sticks and how easily it is repositioned.