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Free Samples

We Offer Free Samples So You Know Our Products Won’t Damage Your Walls

Get a free sample of our wall sticker and wallpaper material!  See our product in real life in a sample we will send you.

When we started this business in 2006, wall decals were an unknown product in Australia! The biggest concern was that wall stickers would damage their walls.  So for all these years we continue to offer free samples to our customers to reassure them of our products high quality and removability. 

You can choose the sample that most suits the wall you intend to decorate with wall decals, or wallpaper.  Peel it from the backing paper and see how gently it sticks to the wall, and how it can be re-positioned over and over.

Testing wall decals before making a purchase is important for several reasons:

Adhesion and Durability: Testing allows you to assess how well the decals adhere to your wall and their durability. You will be able to see how gently it sticks to your wall, and how it doesn’t damage the surface or leave any residue. It has a powdery, matte, fabric appearance.

Residue or Damage: Some low-quality decals might leave residue or damage the wall when removed. Testing helps to ensure that our decals can be removed cleanly without causing any harm to the wall surface.

Colour and Print Quality: Testing allows you to see the colours and print quality of the decals. We print using high quality water-based inks.

Ease of Application: By testing, you can gauge how easy it is to apply the decals. This is important, especially if you’re planning to apply them on a large scale or if you’re not experienced with applying decals.

Positioning and Design:Testing allows you to experiment with removing and reapplying our products. It may also help in visualizing how the decals will look in your space and whether they fit your vision.


PLEASE NOTE: The design is just as pictured below, and you are sent one that suits your wall types. Sorry we can’t send other designs.

To request a free sample, please join our Newsletter below.  Enter your shipping details and wall type and we’ll pop one in the post for you in the next couple of days!  Please allow 5 days to arrive within Australia.

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