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Kirstin Krauskopf

The Kirstin Krauskopf range of wallpapers are exclusive to The Wall Sticker Company.  The designs break the new ground, creating spaces that are multifunctional and ageless.

“With the rise of interior design magazines, images on social media and huge increase in accessible interior related products – the every-day homeowner has become far more house proud. There is a huge amount of inspiration and ideas available to us all to create homes that truly define who we are and how we live. I have always felt that the introduction of children to our lives and our homes shouldn’t mean disregarding our personal style when creating nurseries and junior bedrooms to make way for standard garish trains and trucks or fairies and princesses – we can do so much better to allow our children’s rooms be a natural extension to the rest of the home.”

“With that in mind, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Jen at The Wall Sticker Company to create a range of removable wallpapers for children’s spaces – not a train or princess in sight – but rather contemporary designs that compliment grown up spaces. Designs that will suit a newborn nursery, but equally will continue to be suitable for many years to follow and through various room updates as the child develops through the years.”

“However, the beauty of The Wall Sticker Company’s product is that it is fully removable! So it perfectly suits the interiors commitment-phobe petrified of a permanent application, renters who wish to apply a stunning wallpaper to anchor a room without damaging paintwork, or parents who love to update their children’s rooms regularly and with ease.”

See the full range of wallpapers below.

Guest Designer Kirstin Krauskopf with her family

The exclusive Kirstin Krauskopf Wallpaper Range

  • Origami wallpaperOrigami wallpaper seen in Habitat Grey on White

    Origami wallpaper

    The removable Origami wallpaper by Kirstin Krauskopf is a cool geometric that will suit a boy or girls bedroom, or a living area or home study. Our removable, fabric wallpaper…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Shells wallpaper seen in Dusk

    Shells Wallpaper

    The Shells wallpaper by Kirstin Krauskopf is a cool geometric for any room. Choose your own colours from our Colour Chart.

    Our removable, fabric wallpaper is shipped from Melbourne in 3-6…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Diamond wallpaper in blue in a living roomdiamonds wallpaper in living area

    Diamonds wallpaper

    Exclusive removable Diamonds wallpaper was created by Kirstin Krauskopf. It is a bold, subtle, or more robust design depending on the room and colour choice. Choose your colours.

    A Landlord…

  • Stacks removable wallpaperStacks wallpaper in grey in a child's bedroom

    Stacks Wallpaper

    Stacks wallpaper by Kirstin Krauskopf creates a stunning wall in any room. Use our Live Colouring Tool below to work out your colour combination!

    Our removable, fabric wallpaper is shipped from…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Triangle wallpaper in blue in a bedroomKaleidoscope wallpaper sample in green colour

    Kaleidoscope Wallpaper

    Exclusive removable Kaleidoscope wallpaper created by Kirstin Krauskopf, is a simply gorgeous, fun design that will work in a child’s bedroom or living space. Choose your own colours using our…

    $94.00 / $58/m2
  • Cubes wallpaper in in grey in a bedroom with blue dinosaurCube wallpaper in blue in a child's bedroom

    Cube Wallpaper

    Removable Cube wallpaper by Kirstin Krauskopf creates a stunning wall in any room. Choose your own colours using our Live Colouring Tool below.

    Our removable, fabric wallpaper is shipped from Melbourne…

    $94.00 / $58/m2



What inspires you personally?

“My own children Max (5), Archie (3) and one on the way. I have always wanted to create rooms for my children to sleep and play in that are happy yet calming, that stimulate their creativity and boost their mood – spaces that nurture and envelope them the way an inviting home always does. Colour is extremely important to me. Colour describes life and directs mood. Colour needs to be used carefully and tastefully – balanced with neutrals for greatest impact. The palette I chose for this range whilst reflecting current interior trends, is also based largely on primary bases.”

Where do you think children’s rooms are headed?

“I think we are seeing kids rooms move sharply away from the cutesy juvenile look and strongly toward a mature, sophisticated appeal. Nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms that suit the rest of our homes, share similar colour palettes and continue to reflect our personalities and way of living. This is great news for parents, as the rooms they create for newborns will when designed and decorated right, have longevity and suitability for many years to follow.”

How would you describe your designs?

“Contemporary and slightly outside the box.  Relatable, fun and complimentary to other interior products available.”

“My boys love that their room is that little bit different to their friend and in turn they take pride in it. Nothing cookie cutter, just good modern design that appeals to a wide market.  Also, when selecting designs I wanted the range to be non-gender specific.  Designs, that would work regardless of the colour palette selected and I think that has been achieved. All the designs would be at home in gender neutral bedrooms as they would obvious boy or girl nurseries.   So when looking at my designs – you can be guided by our styled shoots and how we have creatively pulled together a look, but as a consumer you can be guided by your own likes and dislikes, colour preferences and ideas and inspiration for your child’s room.”

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