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Where can I find images to choose from?

Image Sites To Find Your Ultimate Wall Mural Or Wall Sticker

Are you looking for an image or artwork to make into a custom removable wall mural? We’ve collated the sites we use and recommend below.

Here are some considerations as you search for your ideal image:

  • Enter various search terms until you get good results. Once you find one you like, you can often click on it and the see similar designs.
  • You can filter some of these sites based on your requirements.
  • For a custom mural, filter by portrait or landscape to match the shape of your wall.
  • Choose the largest image size (usually in inches or pixels), or in “v” for vector format.
  • Check if the image is large enough to scale up to your wall size using this tool. Enter your wall dimensions into the first column and you can set the DPI to as low as 40 dpi.  See if the pixels of the image are close to or ideally more than the pixels needed once you hit “Calculate”. Contact Us if you need any help.
  • Some images will cost and some are free.

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