IMPORTANT: Our Custom Design service is still open & taking orders, however printing will be postponed until the week of 12th August. We apologise for any inconvenience. All orders for our standard products are being processed as usual until the 15th July.

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Wallpaper Calculator

With our wallpaper calculator you can instantly work out how much removable wallpaper you need!

This Wallpaper Calculator will make it easy to work out how much removable wallpaper you will need for your project.
Unlike traditional wallpapers often supplied in 10m long rolls, removable wallpaper from The Wall Sticker Company is sold in wall-height drops by 65cm widths.
You know your wall height but how do you know how many panels to order?
Enter your wall width into our Wallpaper Calculator below.  If you are covering multiple walls, just add all the widths together and enter the length in centimetres into the box below. Hit enter and you will be shown how many drops you need – each at 65cm wide.
Measure your wall height and then order this many panels at the wall height option that is a little above your wall height – choose from our standard wall heights: 250cm, 280cm, 310cm, 350cm or 370cm.
Now just select your favourite removable wallpaper from our full range below.
If you have any questions please Contact Us.

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self installable | $55/metre square | custom colours