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Artwork Specifications

If you are a Designer, here are our Artwork Specifications so you can supply print-ready artwork for us to print.  We have our own in-house designers if you require your designs to be made into print-ready files.

To prepare files for print, we require the following requirements:

  • Vector artwork where possible (to retain details)
  • All images embedded, or supplied. PNG’s with transparent background please.
  • All fonts outlined.
  • Flatten all transparencies.
  • At 100% scale or name the file with the size ie. logo_at 20 percent.
  • Raster images need to be at least 100dpi at final print size, and saved as TIFF image with LZW compression. If you have any concern about how the image will look once printed, please request an A4 printed sample.
  • All files will need to have 3 layers:
    • Top layer contains the cut line represented by a stroke colour named “CutContour” & make a spot colour at 100% Magenta.
    • Mid layer contains the art.
    • Bottom layer to have 3mm bleed added to art.
  • For intricate designs such as branches and whiskers, we require a minimum width at any point of 6mm.
  • For designs with highly detailed edges such as fur or leaves, need a minimum corner radius of 2-3mm. In Illustrator CC, you can use the new “round corners” tool otherwise you’ll need to manually convert the point to a curve.
  • Max file size is 500mb.
  • We recommending minimum print resolution at 72dpi.
  • Stock: Maximum stock width is 1290mm: anything wider than this will need to be split into sections.
  • Registration marks, keylines, crop marks and other non-printing items must be removed
  • Save as a CMYK PDF file (you can use the default illustrator PDF profile when saving as a PDF file from Illustrator).

Please upload files to our Dropbox folder here.  If you have any questions about these artwork specifications, please contact us here.

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80K+ Happy Customers