It looks and feels like traditional wallpaper, but it’s actually made of our self-adhesive wall sticker fabric. This means it is do-it-yourself product – no glue or water, no tradesperson, simply peel and stick.
Then when it’s time to move or update a room, our removable wallpaper will peel off without leaving any residue or damaging the surface – totally landlord-friendly.
You purchase our wallpaper in wall height drops, rather than a roll. This way you simply lay each panel next to each other, and they match – easy, quick and no waste.

Installing our self-adhesive wallpaper is easy and yes, anyone can do it. If it’s in the wrong position, you peel it back and reapply. Once it’s in the right position, smooth it to the wall with your hand, moving out any air bubbles. It sticks gently. Even if the sticky sides get stuck together, you can pull it apart without stretching or tearing our product.