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Australian Wallpapers – Easy To Apply, Landlord Friendly, Many Styles AND Customisable

Removable Wallpapers are now available in our self adhesive, matte fabric!  This means you can have the look and feel of traditional wallpaper however without the 20 year commitment!
Our removable wallpapers suit a variety of flat and bumpy wall types like plasterboard, MDF, glass, and render, wood and even internal brickwork.  Therefore they suit many spaces including  Nurseries, kids room, living rooms, powder rooms and even commercial spaces.
Our wallpaper is different to traditional paste or water applied products.  You order it in wall height drops and you order the number of 65cm widths to fill your wall.  You peel the backing paper away from the back as you smooth the lightweight fabric to your wall with your hand.  Air bubbles are not an issue and smooth out easily.  If the wallpaper is in the wrong position, you just peel it off and reapply. All you need is a step ladder, a sharp Stanley knife, time and a cuppa.
Lots of people are creating a feature wall by covering one wall.  They are a beautiful backdrop to other furnishings in the room, or can be the hero design piece. And the cool thing about our designs is that the repeat is at least 65cm but normally 130cm wide.  In other words, those of us who are obsessed with finding the repeat in wallpaper patterns will be pleasantly surprised.
Removable wallpapers can be traditional in style, like our Stripes and Damask styles, and we love our Hollywood Glam category and our Tropical designs. We print to order so you can choose your own colours from our Colour Chart. Choose a traditional wallpaper design in this season’s colours, or choose a more contemporary design with a simple colour combination.
And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can create your ultimate wallpaper – get an instant quote here.

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