Wedding Ideas With Wall Stickers – Easy To Apply, 100% Removable, Many Styles AND Customisable

Removable wall stickers, wallpapers and murals are a great way to turn a Wedding into something special and personal for the happy couple.

You can apply our removable wall decor products with confidence. Our wall stickers and wallpapers are made from a gorgeous, matte fabric.  They have an adhesive on the back which is more like a gum that doesn’t harden over time. When it’s time to peel them off, they will remove from the wall without causing any damage or leaving any residue. Why not get a free sample if your venue has any concerns.

Our removable wallpapers and murals can be adhered to any surface for an instant feature wall.  A floral mural or a gorgeous black and white image of the couple would create a gorgeous feature. And with our full custom design service, anything is possible with The Wall Sticker Company so please contact us with your requirements.  We just need a couple of weeks to ship your mural out.

Or what about a backdrop for official photos or candid photos of your guests? Because it has a matte finish, any photograper will tell you this is perfect as a background material.

There are lots of way to personalise the space and make it special with wall stickers for events. The Map Maker is a removable wall sticker where you can show special events or trips the couple have had, adding persoanlised icons and text to the design. Or see our Photo Collage is a great idea to create a full wall of your photos.  We can even add a special text overlay!  The Happy Snaps are polaroid styled wall stickers which create a vintage look, and the Round Trips are a lovely way to show the happy couples travels or lifestyle.

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