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Custom fabric wall designs.

Won't damage walls.

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Installers of wallpaper and decals

Our products are intended to be very easy to install yourself. However, if you would like someone to come and out them up for you, here are some installers that we highly recommend.

1. Have all the information ready then contact them for a quote and to book in your installation.

  • Mention that you were referred from us – The Wall Sticker Company
  • Provide the size of your wall (width and height)
  • Send a photo of your wall (so they can see any fixtures and your wall type)
  • What artwork you are going to order
  • The location of install
  • Site contact person and phone number
  • ETA of artwork arrival (allow 2 weeks unless pre-arranged with us)

2. Call the installation company once your order has been placed so the job is in their system.
3. Call again once your receive your product from us to schedule in an installation date and time.


Melbourne Metro and Suburbs

Name: Torin Testa Skinny Media
Contact: Call 0420 989 134 or email [email protected]



Melbourne Metro and Northern Suburbs

Name: Michael Christodoulides from Migellic Installs
Contact: 0434 439 865 or email [email protected]


Sydney Head Office

Name: Kimberly from Gecko Projects
Contact: 0488 66 7701 or email [email protected]



Sydney Head Office

Name: Sam Tunbridge from Complete Sign Installations Pty Ltd
Contact: 0435 715 833 or email [email protected]