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Fundraising Ideas With Wall Stickers – Easy To Apply, 100% Removable, Many Styles AND Customisable

Fundraising ideas can be easy and unique with removable wall stickers!

The Wall Sticker Company has been making removable wall stickers since 2006.  We have a high quality product that won’t damage walls.  It is an Australian made product and it is made by us in Melboure.

The best thing about wall stickers as your next fundraising idea, is that they can be personalised. Infact we have a full custom service. We can add children’s names to all our products, or even have their artwork made into removable wall stickers.

Decorating with removable, personalised wall stickers is an easy way to make any room a place you’ll absolutely love.  Our products go up quickly and turn any space into a place you’ll love to be.

Our wall stickers and wallpapers are made from a gorgeous, matte fabric.  They have an adhesive on the back which is more like a gum that doesn’t harden over time. They will remove from the wall without causing any damage or leaving any residue. In other words our wall products are Landlord friendly! They can be used by renters and homeowners alike.

Our Plain White wallpaper is an idea Kindergartens and schools have used. The white wallpaper is easily applied to any wall type, and  then children can paint onto the sheets creating beautiful murals for concerts, Christmas or just to cheer up a plain wall.  The panels can be removed, without causing any damage, restoring the wall to the clean wall it was applied to.  Think about the possibilities!

All our wallpapers are 100% removable which means they are landlord friendly and won’t permanently damage the wall or create a mess like traditional wallpaper when it comes time to removing it.

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