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Murals images

We have collated some inspiring ideas for images you can use for a full wall, removable mural in your home.

Often the hard part is choosing the perfect image so we have sorted these images into popular themes.  This is of course not exhaustive so use this as a tool to work out what mood you want to create and/or colours you want to introduce into the room.  We can look for your perfect image.

We have sports murals, beach murals, map wall murals, cistyscapes and destinations, and nature images.

Removable wall murals are a fabulous way to create a hero piece in any room.  Use a stunning vista image to create a view, or a texture to bring in colour and layers.

And a wall mural in a child’s bedroom or play area can appeal to their interests and imagination.

The removability of our wall murals means that you do not have to commit to the design for 20 years – although they will stay up for that long and retain their beautiful finish.

To get an instant price on a full wall mural, enter your wall’s width and height into this Custom Wall Mural product. Once you place an order we will set it up and send you a proof to approve before we print it.  And installation is not hard even if you are challenged by the thought!  It’s just a matter of reading our instructions and taking your time.


Amazing Planet Mural Images

Nature wall mural images feature stunning and realistic depictions of various elements of nature, designed to transform a space into a natural and serene environment. These images showcase landscapes, flora, and fauna in vibrant and lifelike detail. The purpose of nature wall murals is to bring the beauty of the outdoors into indoor spaces, creating a calming and visually appealing atmosphere.

Beach Mural Images

Beach mural images typically depict serene coastal scenes, capturing the beauty of sandy shores, azure waters, and vibrant skies. These murals often showcase palm trees, seashells, marine life, and other elements associated with beach environments. The aim is to bring a sense of relaxation and tranquility to spaces, making them popular choices for home decor, businesses, and hospitality settings. The vibrant colors and realistic details in beach murals can create an immersive and calming atmosphere, making them a popular choice for those who want to bring a touch of the seaside into their surroundings.

Texture Mural Images

Texture wall mural images are visual representations of various textures that can be applied to walls as decorative elements. These murals aim to mimic the tactile feel of different surfaces, such as brick, stone, wood, concrete, or fabric. The images are designed to create a realistic and immersive experience, giving the illusion of texture without the actual physical presence of the materials.

Australia Mural Images

Australian mural images can vary widely in style and subject matter, reflecting the diverse culture and landscapes of the country.

Travel Mural Images

Travel murals are large-scale wall decorations that typically depict scenes related to travel and exploration. These murals often feature iconic landmarks, picturesque landscapes, or cultural elements from various destinations around the world.

These murals can transform living spaces, offices, or commercial establishments, creating an immersive and visually appealing environment. Add a unique and personalized touch to spaces, allowing you to express your love for travel through creative and customizable wall art.

Sports Mural Images

Here are a selection of some sports mural images. Click below to see more!

Map Mural Images

Map wall murals are large-scale wall coverings that feature detailed maps as the primary design element. These murals can transform a space by adding an interesting and educational visual element. Map wall murals often depict geographical features, cityscapes, or other cartographic representations.

Teen Mural Images

Wall murals for teenagers are a fantastic way to personalize and enhance their living spaces.

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