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About Us

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In the beginning
Founders Fi & Jen Winning the Telstra Business Award 2011 - yay!


In 2006 long time friends Fi and Jen had both ceased to work in their chosen careers to raise babies. 

With a love of design and a little time on their hands, the ladies began making children's personalised canvasses and selling them to local children's boutiques. When the demand for the hand-painted products became too much, they bought a vinyl cutter off Ebay for $300 to cut the names out, setting up shop in Jen's back shed.

The "aha" moment came when they stuck one of the names directly to a wall; they instantly knew that they had a great product that would appeal to a lots of people for different reasons.  

Fast forward six years and The Wall Sticker Company has not only out-grown Jen's shed, but now employes a small team, won the 2011 Victorian Micro Business of the year, and really is delivering on it's promise to their customers to "create your ultimate space."

Removable wall stickers are brilliant at bringing the WOW factor to any wall, any space, in record speed and with ease.  If you have not yet used them I know that it is hard to believe, but it is really easy!

When the party's over, the child grows up or it's time to move house, the wall stickers peel off your precious walls and can be moved, over and over. 

They recently launched their new wallpaper product; a self adhesive, removable wallpaper which give traditional wallpapers a run for theuir money. Just think; no more steaming and scraping when you feel like a change. It's up in seconds, is wash and wearable, and the print and fabric finish are divine.

Being first to market in Australia with this product was a massive challenge, and developing the product has been a passionate pursuit for Fi and Jen.

They knew they had nothing unless they could guarantee the wall stickers were removable and would not damage a single wall (their walls are testament to this). Free samples are always available so you can touch them and see how easy they are to work with. 

What you typically think of as just for children's rooms, The Wall Sticker Company has beautiful wall sticker and wallpaper ranges for homes, businesses, commercial spaces and schools.  Guest designers from around the world design ranges, bringing new designs that are fresh and original - offering a broad range of styles to customers. 

The removable wall stickers and wallpaper products are made in Australia by Fi and Jen: something they have always been committed to.  They offer custom designs and personalised touches, whether it's adding a child's name to a decal, colour matching a wall sticker to your room, or even making your own design with their custom service.

If you'd like a custom design or aren't quite sure what it is that will create your ultimate space, just give the super friendly team at The Wall Sticker Company a call and you'll see just how easy it is to obtain your unique piece of wall art.  

The Wall Sticker Company can even make wall stickers under your brand, as they do for well-known children's boutique label Cocoon Couture.  Adding wall decals to a product range is easy as the designs are already created, and theres little risk as products are printed to order.  Wall Stickers are a perfect compliment to many homewares products.  

Stay tuned to see what we come up with next. 



February 2006 - Began by hand painting "peg boards" and selling them at markets and to children's boutique stores

Late 2006 - "Light bulb" moment when we stuck the piece of vinyl to the wall and realised we had a new product on our hands

2007 - Launched first website with approximately 5 products

2008 - 1st employee

2009 - Re-branded to the Wall Sticker Company, 2nd employee, moved from shed to office

2010 - Victorian Finalist Telstra Award, social responsibility, 2nd and 3rd employees

2011 - won Victorian Telstra Micro Business Award

2012 - launched new website, launched removable wallpaper range, moved to larger premises 

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