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About Us

About Us

The Wall Sticker Company began in 2006 when two stay at home Mums began making children's personalized canvasses and selling them to local children's boutiques.  But the "A-ha!" moment came when they stuck a sticky letter directly to a wall, and they instantly knew they had a great product; something so new that would appeal to a lots of people.


Fi and Jen (right) back in 2013 at Design & Decoration in Sydney

6 years on and The Wall Sticker Company is now run by Jenny Menz and her small team, delivering on their promise to "create your ultimate space".  Removable wall stickers and wallpaper are brilliant at bringing the WOW factor to any wall, any space, in record speed and with ease.  And when the party's over, the child grows up or it's time to move house, the wall stickers peel off your precious walls and can be moved, over and over.

01telstra-frame-square.jpg "Being first to market in Australia with this product was a massive challenge, and developing our product has been a passionate pursuit; we knew we had nothing unless we could guarantee our wall stickers were removable and would not damage a single wall.  We have always given away free samples so people can touch them and see how they work." said Jenny. 
Winning the Telstra Business Award in 2013  


The removable wall stickers and wallpapers are made in Australia by the small team at The Wall Sticker Company. Printing to order, they can offer custom designs and personalized touches, whether it's adding a child's name to a decal, colour matching a wall sticker to your room, or even making your own design with their custom service.