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Paris Studio Collection


The Paris Studio Collection creates a European look in any room. Hand-drawn architectural wall decals designed by Corinne Daly. Sized to suit standard walls, beds and doorways, these grey, hand drawn designs will blend with any wall colour. Design around a bed or feature, or create a full wall or a full room design.


Easy peel and stick application with Landlord-friendly removability. Australian made.


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This Paris Studio Collection are architectural wall decals inspired by Parisian living. Designed by Corinne Daly, the pieces can be mixed and matched to suit any wall in a Nursery, child’s bedroom, living room, dining area or retail space.

  • Contents: Hand drawn architectural wall decal decals
  • Designs: Choose from tall panels, short panels, chair railings, oval bedhead, curtain drapery, oval mirror, ceiling rose, door frames and door panel.
  • Size: various, see each design.  Size to suit a standard wall, door, and bed dimensions.
  • Colours: Only available in the one colour way. They grey colour will blend with your wall colour. Contact Us with any questions.
  • Application: Simple peel and stick application, see below for more details
  • Fixture details:

Tall panel  3x 129cm high x 40cm wide (for standard 250cm high walls) OR 2x 160cm high x 50cm wide (for taller walls)

Short panel  3x 50cm high x 40cm wide (for standard 250cm high walls) OR 2x 62cm high x 50cm wide (for taller walls)

Oval bedhead  This decal is 15cm wider each side than stardard bed widths so it peek out each side.  Single bed 122cm wide x 45cm high, King Single 137cm wide x 50cm high, Double bed 168cm wide x 61cm high, Queen bed 183cm wide x 67cm high, King bed 233cm wide x 85cm high

Curtain Drapery  Supplied in 2 pieces that are placed next to eachother on the wall. Place behind a couch or chair, or around a bed. These sizes will suit standard bed widths. 155cm high x 130cm wide (will fit around a Single bed), 187cm high x 157cm wide (King Single), 242cm high x 203cm wide (Double bed), 262 high x 223cm wide (Queen bed), 321cm high x 262cm wide (King size bed)

Oval Mirror  64cm wide x 82cm high OR 100cm wide x 128cm high

Ceiling Rose  45 x 45cm in diameter (29cm inner diameter) OR 70 x 70cm in diameter (45cm inner diameter

Chair Rail  This can be a chair rail or a picture rail.  It could also be used to make “frames”  to look like a nook or alcove, for example where the bed sits, the blank space above the bed and or canopy could be ‘framed’ with another large/wider panel made up this chair rail file. 2x 128cm wide x 4cm high.

Door frame and panel  Surrounds standard door dimensions including 9cm architrave is 222cm x 100cm. This decal will lay around these dimensions and above the standard skirting board height of 14.5cm. Top frame dimensions 100cm wide x 45cm high. Side frames x 2 256cm high x 9.6cm. Above door panel 100cm wide x 45cm. Top panel frame 127cm wide x 10cm high.


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From French heritage, Corinne Dany daydreams of life in Paris.  And this collection of architectural wall features was inspired by her parents old Parisian apartment.

“I didn’t realise just how French I was until I went back (to Paris) for my first trip as an adult. Everything around Paris was familiar… losing myself down any street that begged me to visit, I photographed nooks and doorways and brass hardware and stone statues, visually soaking up the architecture that I grew up looking at daily in the engravings on the walls of our home and on the book bindings of dad’s antiquarian collections.”

Based in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales Australia, Corinne Dany enjoyes life with her family and creating beautiful art.

Corinne made the transition to Artist from Family Portrait photographer in 2017. She works with varied mediums from oil and watercolours, to paper clay and Ceramics, and Photoshop.

You can find Corinne Dany signed prints in hand-picked vintage frames, greeting cards, and paper dolls and lamp shades in her new shop. Dirty Janes Canberra is in Fyshwick’s newest vintage Marketplace. Stepping into the store is like stepping in to Corinne’s own wonderland.

When you buy wallpapers it is a little daunting, we get it. But please be assured that our removable wallpaper will be a lovely surprise.

Material: Our wallpaper is made of a fabric with a gum-like adhesive on the back. It is lightweight with a matte finish that looks just like traditional wallpaper.

Appearance: The finish of our removable wallpaper is matte with a very small weave. The edges of each panel butt together for a seamless appearance.

Use: our removable wallpaper is intended for internal vertical services and is perfect as an alternative to traditional wallpaper as it can be updated and removed easily. Our product is perfect for renters and those wanting an instant update to any room or space.

All wall types: Our removable wallpaper product suits all wall types and most flat surfaces, and all types of wall paints. It will wrap around corners.

Removable: The removable wallpaper product will continue to look good for years and years and when it’s time for an update or to move home, it peels off the wall without causing any damage, or leaving any residue. The adhesive is more like a gum than a glue, that does not harden over time. We call it Landlord friendly because is will not damage wall surfaces.

If you still have concerns about our product’s removability, please get a free sample here.

Design ideas: Our wallpaper is perfect for creating a feature wall. The best feature wall is the one in the room that has the least number of windows and doors.

If you know which wallpaper design you want, you can order a Wallpaper Sample – select from the Wall Height dropdown menu on each wallpaper design – the cost is redeemable on wallpaper purchase.

Or if choosing colours is where you are getting stuck, please order a Colour Chart here.

How much to order: Start by measuring your wall. Enter the wall width into the calculator on the right hand side on the product page, to work out how many units to buy. Our panels are 65cm wide so divide your wall width in centimetres by 65cm (our panel width) to work out how many units to purchase, then select your wall height.

Please be aware that due to our printing process, future panels purchased may not exactly match. We suggest you order what you need at this time.

Shipping: Your removable wallpaper will arrive rolled up in a tube with instructions included. The panels are numbered on the back and you hang each panel next to each other.

Installation: Many our of customers are concerned they won’t be able to put up the wallpaper themselves. We assure you that anyone can put up our wallpaper. You don’t need any skills, just time, a step ladder and a sharp Stanley knife. It is easy to install yourself because it is repositionable so once the panels are in place, any bubbles just smooth out with your hand. The fabric won’t tear or stretch. The panels butt up against each other, creating a seamless finish. See our installation instructions below.

However we understand the needs of businesses, specifiers and busy people, so you can order the installation of your wallpaper from us here.

Movable: the product is movable so during application, if it is not in the right spot it can be peeled off and reapplied. In fact it can be moved over and over depending on how dust-free the surfaces are.

Storage: Keep the backing paper and the tube, and it can actually be stored and reapplied to another wall or at another time.

Cleaning: Our wallpaper is not 100% waterproof so we advise against washing it.

Our wallpaper has butt joins are better

Our joins are seamless and butt together easily

Our wallpaper does not have overlapping joins - phew

We do not supply our wallpapers with overlapping joins because they do not look good

Wallpaper Application Instructions (these will be included with your wallpaper)

Before you start…

  • Newly painted walls need 4 weeks to outgas before application of wallpaper or murals.
  • Avoid rubbing the product or exposing to solvents or water.


You’ll need a step ladder, a sharp Stanley knife (snap for a new blade) and possibly a second pair of hands. Make sure your walls are clean and dust free, and wipe the skirting boards too. Remove any picture hooks, tacks or blue tack, and any switch plates. Make sure your hands are clean.


Notice on the back corner of the panels the numbering -you’ll be putting up panel #1 on the left then applying them to the right. (For left-handers just start at the highest number and work from right to left.) Lay the first panel design-down on a clean, flat surface. Peel the top edge back 30cm or so, and the fold the backing paper back so it stays out of the way.


Now you’re going to temporarily stick the panel to the wall so you can remove the backing paper safely. Stick it to the wall under the cornice (don’t worry about placement yet) and stick it to the wall. Start pulling the backing paper down from behind (evenly across to avoid buckling), and stick the wallpaper to the wall as you go – just enough to keep it stuck. Prevent the sticky sides of the wallpaper from sticking together.


Once the backing paper is removed from the top of the panel you can place it properly. Placing the first panel is the trickiest so take your time. From the step ladder, pull the entire sheet back off the wall to line it up under the cornice. Then let the panel fall naturally. If the side of the wall is not covered all the way to the corner, allow an extra centimetre across the corner – this can be trimmed off at the end. Pull it off again if you?re not happy, and reapply. Once you are happy with how it is placed, smooth it from the top in a down-and-out motion to ?sweep? out any air pockets.


Large bubbles should just smooth out but if they get trapped or you get a crease, just peel back the panel to release them rather than rubbing the print.


For the next panel you need to repeat the above to get it safely on the wall and off the backing paper. For the best result, apply the panel temporarily 10cm below the first panel. Now step down and, at eye level, match up the design and butt the panels into each other (no overlapping is required). Line up the design up and down the join and stick it to the wall but only enough to hold the panel flat to the wall – you can smooth it completely to the wall once the entire join is matched.


Only once all the panels are adhered and aligned can you trim off the excess wallpaper. Run your sharp Stanley knife blade along the sides and bottom. Carefully trim around power points then replace the plates.


If you want to move the wallpaper to a different wall, you need to apply it to the backing paper while vertical to avoid debris getting on the sticky side. Stick a panel of the backing paper on the wall next to the panel you want to remove – stick at the top and bottom with masking tape or similar. Peel the panel of wallpaper off the wall and move it across and stick it onto the backing paper, getting it lined up as best as possible. It will help to have a second pair of hands to guide the bottom of the panel. Once stuck, roll up the panel and protect any exposed edges – wrap in bubble wrap.

Printable Wallpaper Instructions

We have a 100% happiness guarantee. This means that if goods are faulty, have been wrongly described, are different from a sample shown, or do not do what they are supposed to do, you can choose between a refund, exchange or credit. If you simply change your mind, we will exchange your design if you contact us within 30 days of receiving your order. Custom products that have no quality-related issues cannot be returned or refunded. Colours may vary on-screen to products received.

Due to our manufacturing process, products purchased at different times may not match in colour.

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