From Page To Wall: Australian Children’s Author’s Books Come To Life

Ruby Red Shoes Ruby Dreams removable wall stickers with pretty girl sitting in front
Ruby In Paris Removable Wall Stickers beside a bed

Children can now step into the world of their favourite bunny “Ruby Red Shoes”, created by Australian author Kate Knapp.

Kate was invited to create a range of removable wall stickers and wallpapers with Melbourne-based The Wall Sticker Company, turning her beautiful stories and illustrations into life-sized characters: “Ruby has such a loyal fan base who have made many requests for wallpapers and prints to decorate bedrooms and playrooms, so working on this range with The Wall Sticker Company is a perfect fit.“ said Kate.

Removable decals and murals are a great way to decorate: they create instant impact, and are removable and movable. With the ever-increasing number of businesses offering these decorating products, The Wall Sticker Company leads the way with Guest Designers.

“We are always looking for designs that inspire children’s imagination, but wall decor that follows along with a story – it’s simply magic!” said Jenny Menz of The Wall Sticker Company.

Readers can be a part of Ruby’s everyday life with the range of 10 wall designs, including 2 wall-sized murals of a Paris Street and Monsieur Galushka’s hat shop. “It feels like you could just walk up the steps and into the shop.” said Kate. See the full range of Ruby Red Shoes removable wall stickers and wallpapers.

Pattern-Obsessed British Designer Collaborates with Australia’s The Wall Sticker Company

A chair sitting in front of a wall with fish wallpaper on it
A white couch sitting in front of a wall with leaves wallpaper on it
A bedroom with a yellow print framed and animals wallpaper on the wall

Ashley Le Quere’s dreams have come true designing a range of removable wallpapers inspired by Australia’s flora and fauna. The designs are simple and beautiful, and will appeal to home owners, renters, and for retail spaces.

Ashley studied Illustration in Bristol, and completed an internship with one of the U.K’s leading Surface Pattern Designers, Ella Doran in 2012. She travelled the world in search of inspirational patterns, but settled in Melbourne: “I love the creativity that flows through Melbourne, from the houses to the little tucked away lane ways! So inspiring.’

The range of 4 wallpaper designs by Ashley Le Quere feature birds, fish, animals and leaves, and printed in Melbourne, and shipped worldwide. The product is a 100% polyester fabric with a beautiful woven finish. Simply peel and stick to put it up, and when it’s time for an update or to move home, you can peel it down and even move it to your next home without removing any paint or leaving any residue – so it’s landlord friendly!  See the full range of removable wallpaper designs by Ashley Le Quere’s here.

Australian Photographic History Makes It’s Way Onto Walls Into Murals That Connect People

Historical Photographs removable wall mural

The collaboration between The Wall Sticker Company and Danish photograph collector Per Hilman is producing wall-sized photographs of Australia and New Zealand’s history and adorning walls all over the country. But the black and white murals, intended only as styling pieces, are actually starting conversations as they connect people to their past.

Any of the 10,000+ images can be reproduced as a self-installed, removable murals – ideally suited to commercial spaces with their “landlord-friendly” assurance. The library includes towns and cities, people and culture, and iconic structures such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge in construction, and a full house at the SCG circa 1903.

A customer of one of the images reported that her father, suffering from Dementia, “Just started talking!” when he saw an old image of the main street of his home town.

The commercial partnership between Per Hilman and Jenny Menz from The Wall Sticker Company, has also created a connection. Per Hilman says: “I just collect photographs, I’ve been doing it my whole life.” Jenny Menz believes the photographs have significance to all Australians: “It’s an incredible collection, it needs to be shared!”

The full wall photographic displays are perfect for events, businesses, restaurants, hotels and R.S.L’s. They are a beautiful wall feature with a geographical relevance that naturally draw people in.  See the Historical Wall Murals product here.

Instant Luxury Is Now Landlord-Friendly

A nursery with wallpaper with blue horses on it

Renters can now have the look and feel of wallpaper but without having to ask the landlord for permission! Melbourne’s The Wall Sticker Company prints any design, or even your own image on a removable fabric. Simply peel and stick to put it up and enjoy! And when it’s time for an update or to move home, you can peel it down and even move it to your next home without removing any residue.

The product is a 100% polyester fabric with a beautiful woven finish, and it won’t shrink or peel up at the edges like a vinyl. The wallpaper has been in developed for 6 years by the business so it can be used by anyone. Business owner Jenny Menz said: “We knew the concept of removable wallpaper would only work if the product was easy to put up and did not damage people’s walls.”

The Wall Sticker Company also offers wallpaper samples to make choosing designs and colours a risk-free purchase. The 50+ range of patterns and full wall photographic murals are also a great solution for events, businesses, and commercial spaces. The removable wallpapers and murals available here.

On-Trend with Textured Wallpapers

White Brick removable wallpaper Australia and printed horse frame on the wall

Textured wallpapers are all the rage! They offer a depth and brilliance that cannot be achieved by 2-dimensional wallpaper. We have a new range of Removable Textured Wallpaper featuring:

  • Weathered Danish drift wood look creating a shabby chic feel
  • Vintage red brick wallpaper to urbanize any environment
  • Polished concrete for that New York loft feel
  • Ornate metal effects that add glamour and style

See our textured wall murals here.

First Impressions

A large office with a forest wall mural
Office with beach wall mural on the wall

What do you want your conference room to convey? Creativity? Vision? Values? Focus? A sense of humour?

For over a century, workplace studies have shown the dramatic influence environment can have improving the productivity of employees, how it can be used to win clients in a sales pitch and weaken adversaries in a negotiation.

How would you design your conference room or meeting space to better deliver your company’s objectives? That’s where we come in. For around $650 we can create bespoke wall murals that inspire and provoke. See below how other companies have used wallpaper to achieve this lasting impact in their offices. See our custom murals here.

Big Transition....From nursery to big boy's room without spending the inheritance!

A nursery with a bed and side table, and framed pictured and zig zag wallpaper on the wall

“When you’ve got young kids, you’re always buying the next size up, chasing their maturing tastes and just trying to always give them the best you can … and money is always tight.  I remember well when my son was about 6 or 7 and he came home from a friend’s house where his buddy had just upgraded to a big boy room.  My first reaction … ‘oh crap!’  I could see the mounting credit card bill and a weekend or two repainting, dismantling and assembling.  Sounds like fun, huh?  Well, I wish I had the forethought to buy furniture that adapted (cot to junior bed to couch) as they aged and a room design that could move beyond nursery rhymes and stuffed toys.  Honestly, my sons room looked like the result of a baby shower on steroids!   Gotta love Pottery Barn Kids!  And I wish I would have known about removable wallpaper!!!”

Look at the this clever mothers foresight…..