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Trudy Rice

Guest Designer Trudy Rice

We welcome our Guest Designer Trudy Rice who created this beautiful range of Native Spheres for us.  The collection is a perfect finishing touch for any space.

Trudy uses a technique called Solarplate etching which is a relatively new printing process. “I first draw my images, then expose them to a photopolymer plate in the Australian sun – our high UV levels are great for this process. Then I wash out the image, which allows me to push ink into the lines. Then each plate is run separately through my printing press onto dampened paper, which creates the prints you see in my work.”

The result is these beautiful paintings of Native flora and fauna in an earthy but uplifting colour palette. Trudy finds her inspiration from nature: “There is so much richness in our environment, and I love to capture small parts of it to bring home.”

See Trudy’s Instagram feed here, and her full range of stickers below.

Trudy Rice

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