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Ruby’s Cheeky Chickens

Ruby Red Shoes And Her Cheeky Chickens Collection

“I feel grateful for so many things, such as kindness, rain and butterfly wings.”

Ruby Red Shoes and her cheeky chicken friends love spending time together outdoors.

Nature is where Ruby feels healthy, joyful, and grateful. The gentle breeze, warm sun, soft rain, and flitting butterflies busily checking the flowers are the perfect backdrop for Ruby to ponder the wonders of the world around her.

This stunning collection of wall art from the best-selling Ruby Red Shoes children’s books brings the magic of Ruby’s world to any child’s room. The pretty, delicate patterns and soothing colours of this peaceful world are like a lullaby or meditation to calm the mind and delight the soul. Mix and match patterns and colours in Ruby’s well-known eclectic style.

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