Carrie Webster

We are so pleased to introduce you to our Guest Designer Carrie Webster. At first glance, her designs are whimsical and fun, but a closer look and we see their true inspiration – fruits and vegetables!

“The digital photography of Carrie Webster captures the imagination of the viewer, drawing them into her whimsical, surreal and sometimes dark scenes.” Artsy Shark, April 2015

“Carrie Webster creates “Artography” that welcomes viewers into a myriad worlds of self-discovery and enchantment. The artist who lives in Sydney, Australia, has an uncanny gift for developing stories through montages that are compelling and mysterious. They leave indelible imprints on our psyches. All of Webster’s photographic montages are composed of images that she has taken herself, and then layered and transformed in Photoshop to create richly developed works of art.” Manhattan Arts, March 2015

See Carrie’s full range of removable decals here.  See Carrie’s full portfolio.