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Ashley Le Quere

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We are so pleased to introduce you to our Guest Designer Ashley Le Quere. He beautiful patterns and colours have created a gorgeous range of wallpaper designs.  Check out the full range below!

Ashley Le Quere is a Surface Pattern Design and Illustrator.  She studied Illustration in Bristol (U.K). After taking on an internship with one of the U.K’s leading Surface Pattern Designers, Ella Doran in 2012, she completely fell in love with patterns!

After her internship she took some time off to travel India and Asia in search of new and exciting inspiration and experiences.

Six months of travelling lead her to Melbourne, on what was supposed to be a three-month stay but that three months has turned into nearly two years now! ‘I love the creativity that flows through Melbourne, from the houses to the little tucked away lane ways! So inspiring.’

She has a very eclectic taste when it comes to design and inspirations but Scandinavian design has always been very inspiring for her. Since being in Australia she has been hugely influenced by the beauty and verity of the flora and fauna – ‘You have so many exotic plans and beautiful birds’.

See Ashley Le Quere’s full range of removable wallpapers below. See Ashley’s full portfolio. Read more on her blog.

A lady with red hair smiling at the camera
A bedroom with a yellow print framed and animals wallpaper on the wall

The exclusive Ashley Le Quere wallpaper Range