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Yes, you can order a wallpaper sample from us to see how the design will look in your home. We try to show you images of the design where possible to show you how it might look, but sometimes you just need to see it on your wall! Once you find the wallpaper design you like, under "Wall Height' you will see the option for an "A4 Sample". Choose your colours and we'll print it and pop it in the mail with free delivery (Australia only). With your A4 wallpaper sample in your chosen designs and colours, you will receive our Colour Chart to show you all our options. The wallpaper sample is supplied on the exact material your wallpaper will be.  So you can peel it away from the backing paper and apply it to the wall.  You will be able to see how it sticks and how easily it is repositioned.
Our removable wall sticker material is exactly the same as our removable wallpaper.  They are a polyester blend fabric with an adhesive on the back.  As you expect with fabric, the finish is matte and soft, and sometimes there are frays at the edges.  The adhesive is clear, does not smell and won't harden over time, so it won't damage the wall or leave any residue on removal.
You can login to our site at any time and see the status of your order. Click on "My Account" at the top right of our screen, check your "Orders" on the left sidebar, the check the "Status" of your order.  Here is a description of each status: Payment required: Your order is awaiting payment.  You can hit the "Pay" button on this page to make payment, or we can emailed a link to you. Awaiting Payment: We are waiting to receive or clear your payment by direct deposit. Payment Failed: Payment has failed or was declined. New Order: Payment has been received and we are processing the order. Pre Press: We are preparing your design for print. Printing: Your order is queued to print and will be printed in the next 24 hours. Finishing Area: Your order is being prepared to be shipped.  All going well, we will send it on or the next business day. Awaiting Pickup:  Your order is ready to be picked up.  Please check your email for our address and opening times. Shipped:  Your order has been picked up from our print house and is on it's way to it's destination.  Check your email for tracking information. Waiting Bay:  We are now waiting on you for some more information so we can complete your order. Please check for contact from us via email or contact us for assistance Reprint Required: Your order has not passed our quality inspection so we are reprinting it again.  We will let you know if your order will be delayed above our normal 4 day turnaround.
As far a paint types go, our products will adhere to all paint types including acrylic or enamel, and Wash & Wear paints that contain Teflon. Gloss or matte finished are fine too.

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