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Frequently Asked Questions

Removable wallpaper is easier than you think to install yourself. The panels come in 65cm widths to make it easy for one person to put up.  The panels can be applied over and over, and any air smooths out with your hand. You don't need any water or glue - just time, and a sharp Stanley knife.

Our removable wallpaper is posted in a tube and comes with full instructions - (see them here and watch this short video to get the idea.

The wallpaper stays up for years and then peels off without removing paint or leaving any residue on your wall.
Our lead times for custom designs will be depend on how many changes you make before you can approve the proof. To avoid any delays, choose the fastest shipping option, look out for our emails, and let us know any deadlines.

How long our removable wall stickers and wallpapers can sit "on the shelf” for depends on how the products are kept.  As long as the products stay in their tube, sealed with the end caps, and are kept dry, we would say they could last 8 years - this is the number of years we have been using the product, and know it remains removable for.

Our removable wall sticker material is exactly the same as our removable wallpaper.  They are a polyester blend fabric with an adhesive on the back.  The product is white to start with, with a matte finish. The adhesive is clear, does not smell and won't harden over time, so it won't damage the wall or leave any residue on removalT
You may be moving house, moving rooms or renovating, moving and storing your Wall Sticker Company products from one place to somewhere else is even, you can even store them for some time. For wallpapers and decals this is easy, but for cut out text and intricate designs, this may not be possible. If you haven't kept your tube and backing paper as we recommend, you can purchase more backing paper from here. We ask for a small fee for this. Place the pieces on the backing paper and they can be rolled up inwards and stored in the tube with the ends secured in a dry place.  They can stay like this for years. For cut out text and intricate designs, each piece needs to be picked up and relocated.  This would require alot of time and may not look as good as when first applied, or may get damaged in this process.  
Moving your wallpaper or mural to another wall is possible! If the walls that you stick it to are really clean - like sugar soap clean, then I think you have a good chance of sticking it successfully a few times. This assumes that the walls you stick it to match the wall it is on now - as per your order details. The next issue will be whether you have had to cut out any areas for powerpoints or other fixtures. If you haven't had to cut around any items, then you will have a complete map for every wall. The last consideration is the removal of the map. You need to peel the panels off the wall (from the top) and then stick them to the backing paper while vertical. I suggest sticking the backing paper to the side of the panel you are removing so there's less risk of getting any debris stuck to the back. This will reduce the adhesion. You won't get the panel perfectly aligned to the backing paper but that's OK, just protect the edges so they don't make contact with anything between walls. If you find it doesn't stick to the second wall for any reason, you can heat up the wall or wait for a long spell of warm weather, before you apply. Heat will reactivate the gum on the back. Please contact us if you need anymore information.
Yes we can print a mural from a photo, and any image as a mural or decal. We can check the image size is large enough to blow it up to the size you need. The only issue is that the image size needs to be large enough to blow it up to the size you want it ie. a photo taken with your phone will not be large enough to fill a 3 x 3m wide. However a high resolution image purchased online, will probably be large enough. If you're not sure if your photo is large enough to print ad you'd like us to check it, upload the image to our Dropbox folder, and then email the wall dimensions and image name to [email protected] and we'll let you know.  

We can offer a plain coloured wallpaper, but we do have trouble printing darker colours with a nice, consistent finish - often there will be some banding which are stripes across the print that are darker than the rest of the print.

Lighter colour are not a problem however.
Because our products are sent in tubes, they do get damaged in transit from time to time. Before you sign for or accept your parcel from a carrier, you should inspect the tube or package to make sure it is sealed. If the parcel is damaged, please take a photo of the tube or parcel before you open it.  Then if the product inside is damaged, we have proof that this occurred while in transit and a replacement will be supplied. If the products inside are damaged, please take a photo and send it to us.

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