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Frequently Asked Questions

As per Business Standard, Customs duty refers to the tax imposed on goods when they are transported across international borders. In simple terms, it is the tax that is levied on import and export of goods. The government uses this duty to raise its revenues, safeguard domestic industries, and regulate movement of goods. The rate of Customs duty varies depending on where the goods were made and what they were made of. Customs Duty Fee may apply to parcels sent to destinations outside Australia.  However every country has it's own rules about whether our goods require an extra Duties Tax to be paid on arrival to your country. You can estimate duties charges here. Please use the details below to complete your enquiry: Product Description: printed pictures HS Code: 4909000000 Insurance: $0
Our removable wallpaper and wall stickers won't damage your walls!  The adhesive is more like a gum that doesn't harden over time, so 2 or 10 years later, it will simply peel off. There will be no adhesive to wipe off the wall either. Make sure that the wall you adhere them to are sound and in good condition. Unlike vinyl products which shrink and curl, our fabric products stick gently to the wall and don't require string adhesive to hold them on the wall. Watch this quick video. Join our Newsletter here to get a free sample and test out on your wall.

How To Work Out Your Delivery Time

Delivery time on your order accounts from printing time plus shipping time. Our production time is 3-6 business days from when you place your order, make payment, and/or approve the proof (for custom designs). Then there is shipping time.

Shipping time will vary depending on your chosen carrier and service and the delivery location.

The below table provides a guide on how long it will take your order to arrive after we despatch it.
Shipping option Normal time until you receive your order
Standard delivery – Australia
  • Melbourne:  4-7 business days
  • Other capital cities and rural VIC:  up to 7 business days
  • Other rural locations: 7 business days
Express post – Australia
  • Capital cities and locations within the Express Post Network:  1-2 business days
  • Other locations:  2 business days
Standard delivery – International
  • 7 to 14 business days depending on country
Express post – International
  • 4 to 6 business days depending on country
The delivery time for custom orders depends on a few factors. Custom designs are where you are creating your own design, we are not referring to our designs where you simply choose your own colours. So for a custom order, if you have the image or design for your custom text, wall sticker, wallpaper or wall mural, we just need a day or two to set it up for print and send you a proof.  Once you approve the proof, we need up to 6 business days to print it and ship it. However, if you need us to find an image or create the artwork for your custom order, we will need a few days to do this before we send you your first proof. The other factor is how many changes we need to make to your proof. We usually get it right on the first proof but if you need changes this will take extra days - usually an extra day.  The more changes we need to make, the more days we need. Shipping time also needs to be taken into consideration and added on to the total time.
Existing wallpaper can be wallpapered over with our product under certain circumstances. The surface must be clean and flat.
However, as our products are made for plasterboard walls or textured walls, we can’t say if the wallpaper underneath will be damaged on removal - it may tear a papery surface.  We suggest you try a sample on the wall.  If you join our Mialing List we will email you instructions on how to order a sample - choose the option of a "flat wall painted in a dark colour"
Or if you’re happy to place an order, just choose the wall type called “flat walls painted in a dark colour” which will ensure the colour of the existing wallpaper is blocked out.
If you need your product by a particular date, please check with us (below) before placing your order. Our normal lead time is 5 business days from payment date. Then if you are customising a product, this will extend this time further. Shipping time is in addition to the above number of days. Shipping time estimates can be seen below. To avoid delays pay by credit card or Paypal and choose the fastest shipping option.  
Shipping option Normal time until you receive your order
Standard delivery – Australia
  • Melbourne:  5 business days
  • Other capital cities and rural VIC:  6 business days
  • Other rural locations: 7 business days
Express post – Australia
  • Capital cities and locations within the Express Post Network:  1 business day
  • Other locations:  2 business days
Standard delivery – International
  • 7 to 14 business days depending on country
Express post – International
  • 7 to 11 business days depending on country

We Offer Free Samples So You Know Our Products Won't Damage Your Walls

Get a free sample of our wall sticker and wallpaper material!  See our product in real life in a sample we will send you. The design is just as pictured and you are sent one that suits your wall type. Sorry we can't send other designs. You will be able to see how gently it sticks to your wall, and how it doesn't damage the surface or leave any residue. It has a matte, fabric appearance with a high quality water-based print. To request a free sample, please join our Newsletter below.  Enter your shipping details and wall type and we'll pop one in the post for you in the next couple of days!  Please allow 5 days to arrive within Australia.
If you can't see this subscribe box above, please register in the box at the bottom of the page (in the footer). koala stickers
Thanks for ordering with The Wall Sticker Company and we hope you love your products for years and years.  Looking after them will usually require no work.  However in some situations you might need to clean your products. Our products can be cleaned if they get grubby except for those printed for dark coloured walls.  You should avoid getting them into contact with water or any solvent.  But for our products for bumpy walls and for flat, light coloured walls, you can clean your products with water and a solvent like Spray N Wipe, but we don't recommend micro fiber cloths.
Dropbox is a pretty cool tool that we use to transfer large files. If you need to send us a file for your custom design, simply go to Dropbox here, find your image on your computer and select it. We will receive notification that you have sent it.

To find the application instructions that go with your product, choose from the options below: simple decals, large decals, intricate designs (with the layer over the top), or wallpapers and murals.

General Application Requirements

All our products require are that your walls are:
  • Dry
  • Internal
  • Remove any dust; the more times our products can be reapplied
  • Painted surfaces have undercoat plus 2 top coats
  • Brick and rendered walls are as clean as possible
  • Glass and mirror applications - clean surface
  • Newly painted walls need 4 weeks to outgas before application
  • Remove bluetack, hooks or fixtures that prevent a smooth finish

Applying simple decals

Plan where you will put the designs. See if the sheet includes a plan to putting it together. Peel the decals from the backing paper. Smooth the designs to the wall. To reposition them, just lift an edge and peel them off the wall. Refer to the Cleaning Instructions to care for and store your wall stickers.

Applying larger decals

Large decals need special instructions to avoid the pieces sticking to themselves. Once they are on the wall, it will be easy to move them into position.

  • Cut around any pieces to make it easier to manage.
  • Place the decal face down and peel back and fold15cm or so of the backing paper, exposing some sticky side of the sticker.
  • Now pick up the piece and stick it to the wall and support it by holding it to the wall.
  • Now from behind, pull the remaining backing away while holding it to the wall, until all the backing paper comes away and the sticker is fully applied.
  • To move the piece on the wall, 2 people peel the whole piece off and manoeuvre it into place.

Applying intricate designs and text

  • Plan the position of the whole design first. You can cut between parts of the design to make it easier to place in sections.
  • Scratch the designs through the tape layer with your nails and then peel back, ensuring all parts are “picked up”.
  • You need to place the pieces in the correct position the first time. Once adhered, smooth it to the wall.
  • Peel off the tape layer leaving the designs on the wall.

Wallpapers & mural installation

Equipment  You’ll need a step ladder, a sharp Stanley knife (snap for a new blade) and possibly a second pair of hands. Make sure your walls are clean and dust free, and wipe the skirting boards too. Remove any picture hooks, tacks or blue tack, and any switch plates. Make sure your hands are clean. Getting started  Notice on the back corner of the panels the numbering - you’ll be putting up panel #1 on the left then applying them to the right. (For left-handers just start at the highest number and work from right to left.) Lay the first panel design-down on a clean, flat surface. Peel the top edge back 30cm or so, and the fold the backing paper back so it stays out of the way. Remove the backing  Now you’re going to temporarily stick the panel to the wall so you can remove the backing paper safely. Stick it to the wall under the cornice (don’t worry about placement yet) and stick it to the wall. Start pulling the backing paper down from behind (evenly across to avoid buckling), and stick the wallpaper to the wall as you go - just enough to keep it stuck. Prevent the sticky sides of the wallpaper from sticking together. Stick  Once the backing paper is removed from the top of the panel you can place it properly. Placing the first panel is the trickiest so take your time. From the step ladder, pull the entire sheet back off the wall to line it up under the cornice. Then let the panel fall naturally. If the side of the wall is not covered all the way to the corner, allow an extra centimetre across the corner - this can be trimmed off at the end. Pull it off again if you’re not happy, and reapply. Once you are happy with how it is placed, smooth it from the top in a down-and-out motion to “sweep” out any air pockets. Dealing with wrinkles and bubbles  Large bubbles should just smooth out but if they get trapped or you get a crease, just peel back the panel to release them rather than rubbing the print. Matching the design  For the next panel you need to repeat the above to get it safely on the wall and off the backing paper. For the best result, apply the panel temporarily 10cm below the first panel. Now step down and, at eye level, match up the design and butt the panels into each other (no overlapping is required). Line up the design up and down the join and stick it to the wall but only enough to hold the panel flat to the wall - you can smooth it completely to the wall once the entire join is matched. Trimming  Only once all the panels are adhered and aligned can you trim off the excess wallpaper. Run your sharp Stanley knife blade along the sides and bottom. Carefully trim around power points then replace the plates. Moving the panels  If you want to move the wallpaper to a different wall, you need to apply it to the backing paper while vertical to avoid debris getting on the sticky side. Stick a panel of the backing paper on the wall next to the panel you want to remove - stick at the top and bottom with masking tape or similar. Peel the panel of wallpaper off the wall and move it across and stick it onto the backing paper, getting it lined up as best as possible. It will help to have a second pair of hands to guide the bottom of the panel. Once stuck, roll up the panel and protect any exposed edges - wrap in bubble wrap.

Please keep the white backing paper if you intend to move your wallpaper, or move home!


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