FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our faqs should  answer your common questions! Please contact us if you need to speak to us and we will get back to you usually on the same day.

You can login to our site at any time and see the status of your order. Click on "My Account" at the top right of our screen, check your "Orders" on the left sidebar, the check the "Status" of your order.  Here is a description of each status: Payment required: Your order is awaiting payment.  You can hit the "Pay" button on this page to make payment, or we can emailed a link to you. Awaiting Payment: We are waiting to receive or clear your payment by direct deposit. Payment Failed: Payment has failed or was declined. New Order: Payment has been received and we are processing the order. Pre Press: We are preparing your design for print. Printing: Your order is queued to print and will be printed in the next 24 hours. Finishing Area: Your order is being prepared to be shipped.  All going well, we will send it on or the next business day. Awaiting Pickup:  Your order is ready to be picked up.  Please check your email for our address and opening times. Shipped:  Your order has been picked up from our print house and is on it's way to it's destination.  Check your email for tracking information. Waiting Bay:  We are now waiting on you for some more information so we can complete your order. Please check for contact from us via email or contact us for assistance Reprint Required: Your order has not passed our quality inspection so we are reprinting it again.  We will let you know if your order will be delayed above our normal 4 day turnaround.
Our removable wall sticker material is exactly the same as our removable wallpaper.  They are a polyester blend fabric with an adhesive on the back.  As you expect with fabric, the finish is matte and soft, and sometimes there are frays at the edges.  The adhesive is clear, does not smell and won't harden over time, so it won't damage the wall or leave any residue on removal.

We have 3 different types of the product we supply you with:

1. For flat walls and slightly see through - perfect for flat plasterboard walls, or drywall (USA), painted in a light colour.

2. Complete block out for flat walls where the wall colour is dark or needs to be hidden. The print appears brighter because the white point is stronger. Ideal for glass or mirrored surfaces.

3. For textured walls (concrete, brick or render) - the wall colour is seen through ever so slightly so it is deal for white or light coloured walls.

If you have textured walls that are a dark colour, please contact us.

At checkout you will be asked about your wall type. We will supply the correct product to suit your wall: You can order an A4 sample of any of our wallpapers. Just select this option on the wallpaper design you like. The cost of these is redeemable on purchase of your wallpaper.

Our product will adhere to glass and mirrors, and can be removed without leaving any residue.  This means that those mirrored cupboards doors can be covered very quickly, and then removed if needed later on. The finished look will be same as if the wallpaper or decal has been adhered to a wall. The only difference will be in the ordering and application.

See the image below of some sliding glass doors that have been covered with our White Brick removable wallpaper.

Ordering Wallpaper For Mirrors & Glass For Cupboard Doors

If you want one of our wallpaper design, it's best if you order sheets that are the width and height of each of the doors, rather than our standard 65cm width. This means you won't need to match up any panels on the glass, you can just apply one panel per door. But when it is time to place your order, you need to add up all the widths of the doors to create one measurement, and then measure the height (this assumes they are all the same height of course). Place your order using this product. You'll be asked to write which wallpaper design of ours you want, and also please tell us what each doors' width is so we can cut it to size for you. When you are asked for the "wall type", choose the one that includes "glass" please.

Installing Wallpaper For Mirrors & Glass

Installing our removable wallpaper onto mirrors or glass is not difficult. Instructions will be included but you just need to be aware that it will stick more to mirros and glass than it will a wall, because the surface is flatter.  However, if it is stuck in the wrong spot, it can be peeled off without stretching or tearing the product, and reapplied.  So you won't stuff it up, it just takes a little patience.  

Decals will be easy to apply.

If you'd like to try a sample and see how it will stick, you can order an A4 wallpaper sample from your desired removable wallpaper design. The cost is redeemable upon purchase of the wallpaper.

white brick wallpaper covering mirrored doors
White Brick removable wall stickers
Because our products are sent in tubes, they do get damaged in transit from time to time. Before you sign for or accept your parcel from a carrier, you should inspect the tube or package to make sure it is sealed. If the parcel is damaged, please take a photo of the tube or parcel before you open it.  Then if the product inside is damaged, we have proof that this occurred while in transit and a replacement will be supplied. If the products inside are damaged, please take a photo and send it to us.
You'll want to see the products to check how they stick to your walls and see the print quality and finish. You can order now with confidence knowing we have a 100% Happiness Guarantee and we have thousands of happy customers.  However we would love to send you a sample of our product to try on your wall and feel the finish.  You can order a sample here. Order a wallpaper sample from any wallpaper product (in the "wall height" drop down menu), or get a Colour Chart to see our colours in person. We have a few Stockists however their products are for sale rather than inspection.
If you believe your product has been lost during shipping, please notify us and we will help you investigate the issue. Lost items are actually the responsibility of the carrier, however we will support you through the situation as best as we can. We are also needed to place enquiries as the "sender". Please be aware most carriers will not leave a parcel unattended.  In most cases a calling card will be left for you to pick-up at a nearby location or provide an option for redelivery.
We keep you up to date on the progress of your order, however if you would like to know where it's up to now, please enter your email address and order number in the form below to see the exact status of your order in our production process:
  • New Order: has not been printed
  • Printed: Your order is in the queue for printing
  • Finishing Area: products are packaged and about to be shipped
For Australia Post shipping, you will receive tracking information once it is shipped.

Our products are printed to order. Our production time is roughly 4 business days from placement of order and payment, or from proof approval (for custom designs), to despatch. Shipping time will vary depending on your chosen carrier and service and the delivery location.

The below table provides a guide on how long it will take your order to arrive after we dispatch it.
Shipping optionNormal time until you receive your order
Standard delivery – Australia
  • Melbourne:  5 business days
  • Other capital cities and rural VIC:  6 business days
  • Other rural locations: 7 business days
Express post – Australia
  • Capital cities and locations within the Express Post Network:  5 business days
  • Other locations:  6 business days
Standard delivery – International
  • 7 to 14 business days depending on country
Express post – International
  • 7 to 11 business days depending on country
Postage costs vary depending on the size and weight of your order, the delivery location and the type of shipping selected.  Postage is calculated at checkout prior to making payment.  This will calculate the shipping costs of each shipping option for your order and allow you to choose your preferred method.
Yes we can print a mural from a photo, and any image as a mural or decal. We can check the image size is large enough to blow it up to the size you need. The only issue is that the image size needs to be large enough to blow it up to the size you want it ie. a photo taken with your phone will not be large enough to fill a 3 x 3m wide. However a high resolution image purchased online, will probably be large enough. If you're not sure if your photo is large enough to print ad you'd like us to check it, upload the image to our Dropbox folder, and then email the wall dimensions and image name to [email protected] and we'll let you know.  
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Compare Our Product To All Others

With so many wall stickers on the market now, and if you've ever had a wall sticker fail you, you want to make sure you avoid any nasty surprises and get the product you pay for.  Use this chart to compare our product to what else is available on the market.
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[ultimate_info_table design_style="design06" color_scheme="custom" color_bg_main="#ffffff" color_bg_highlight="#042f5f" package_heading="Features of The Wall Sticker Company Products" icon_type="selector" icon="Defaults-heart" icon_size="22" icon_color="#19af9a" icon_style="circle"]
We call them "wall stickers" or "wall decals".
All our products are removable - meaning they will come off your wall without causing damage.
We use a light polyester fabric with a powdery, matte finish that doesn't shrink or change.
The glue on our products is more like a gum that doesn't change or harden over time.
Our removable wallpaper is made of the same removable fabric that we use for our wall stickers.
Wallpaper has a repeated design, whereas wall mural are a picture.
[ultimate_info_table design_style="design06" color_scheme="custom" color_bg_main="#ffffff" color_bg_highlight="#042f5f" package_heading="Feature of other products" icon_type="selector" icon="Defaults-question" icon_size="22" icon_color="#19af9a"]
They call them "wall decals", "wall tattoos" or made up words.
"Removable" can mean anything, it doesn't mean it won't damage your walls.
Other wall stickers are usually made of vinyl; a plastic that can be matte or shiny, stretch and tear easily, and are heavy.
Because vinyls change shape and are heavy, they need stronger glues to keep them stuck on the wall. These glues can harden over time cause damage on removal.
Normal wallpaper is made of paper with a glue that you apply to your wall first.

Won't damage walls

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