Custom Design

Creating your own custom design is easier than you think!

We have been offering custom design murals and wall stickers for many years. We have a massive gallery of designs and images for you to access, or you can send us your logo, image or design. We make sure that your design will look great, and we’ll always send you a proof before we print anything so you’re in control.

Start by get an instant quote, or browse the image libraries to choose an image or design.

Measure your wall
Pick or upload your design
Get quote, place your order
Approve before print

Instant Quote

Decals include logos, cut-out text or contour cut designs

Instant Quote

Murals and wallpaper

Need to find an image or design?

Try these suggested site for an image or design. Any Fotolia product will be included in our quote. Otherwise you will need to purchase and upload the image or design. Take note of the image reference number for placing your order.


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    Our library

    You can customise the size of any of the images or designs we have on our site. Simply write the name of the product you wish to customise.

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    Fotolia - free images

    Choose any image from this library and the cost is included in your quote

Or buy and upload an image or design from...

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    Getty Images

    Great images of famous people and places

  • null

    Historical Photographs Australia

    Historical photos of Australia and New Zealand cities and towns. $200 per image.

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    Maps of the World

    Various maps of the world to choose from.

Features of our Custom Design Service....

  • Decals, Murals & Wallpaper

    Create your own decal design, wallpaper or mural in our high end removable fabric. Whatever you can imagine!

  • Supply your own image

    Upload your image when you place and order and we’ll make sure the resolution is good enough to enlarge to your size.

  • Image Libraries

    We have a large selection of free images and suggested sites to purchase other images from.

  • Customer Support

    Call us or email us with any questions at any time in the custom design process. You might have lots of questions!

  • Help Service

    Let us know what you want and a

  • Approve Then Print

    You will email you the final design to approve before we print anything, so you know you’ll get exactly what you want.

  • Manufacturing Service

    Please contact us if you are interested in adding wall decals to your brand or business.

  • Colour Matching

    Choose colours from our Colour Chart, or supply a PMS or Dulux colour and we’ll match as close as we can.

  • See our Custom Portfolio

  • Testimonials

  • Quick Facts about Custom

You can source an images from a few different places.  Assuming these are large enough to enlarge (for an image) or in outlines (for a design), we suggest the following sites:


Getty Images

For more specific needs, we suggest:


Historical Photographs Australia

Our lead times for custom designs will be depend on how many changes you make before you can approve the proof.

To avoid any delays, choose the fastest shipping option, look out for our emails, and let us know any deadlines.