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Gifts For Kids – Wall Stickers Are Easy To Apply, 100% Removable, AND Customisable

Finding nice gifts for kids is really quite easy with The Wall Sticker Company!  A beautiful Tree, some Butterflies or a Glitter Rainbow, we have lots of ideas and themes.
Have a look at our personalised range of wall stickers for kids rooms too. You can have her name above their bed, like a Monogram, Letters or Rocket Retro Name.
For those little ones who might like to be more involved in the design, the shapes to arrange are a good choice.  These shapes such as Gold Spots or Triangles can be arrange in various configurations on the wall. Or simply put some great images in our Round Trips for a personalised gift idea.
Our wall stickers are all Landlord friendly so you don’t need to worry about passing on any problems with your gift. The adhesive is more like a gum that does not harden over time.  This means that 5 years later they can be removed without damaging the wall or leaving any residue.
You can have your order shipped directly to the birthday girl. Our products are packaged in a nice brown, Kraft tube with white end caps. It does not include any receipt.
If finding gifts for kids is harder than expected, you can always purchase a Gift Voucher!  You can choose from a variety of voucher designs and print it out or email it to your recipient!

Won't damage walls

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80K+ Happy Customers

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