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Australian animals

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Australian animals wall stickers are a popular decorating solution for nurseries and children’s rooms. You will bring a pop of colour and interest, and can work with any decorating style. Arrange them above a cot or bed or in a nook. Spread them to fill a wall, run them across a wall, or arrange them around the room.

With a simple peel and stick application, anyone can arrange the wall stickers even children! They can be adhered to the wall and then and moved over and over. Keep the backing paper and the tube to store them in between moving house or room, or even painting.

The Native Spheres designed by Trudy Rice which feature Australian birds and animals. These suit a living space or a bedroom. There are real life Australian animals wall stickers which are life sized.  And there’s a new room border by designs Kooky Chooky.

Australian Animals wall stickers are a great way to promote our native friends too. Use them to teach children about spelling, colours and animal behaviour.

Unlike many wall decor products available now, our fabric wall stickers and wallpapers won’t damage your wall or leave any residue on removal. They can even be stored and moved to another wall over and over. They have a beautiful, fabric look with the self adhesive on the back.  Our designs are cut right to the edge so there’s no white border.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can create your own custom wall sticker or wallpaper through our Custom Design Service.

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